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From the photography to the promotion of the property, he didn’t miss a thing. Ron thrives on the pressure and is a master negotiator, getting us a deal on our house that was above and beyond our expectations. I highly recommend Ron Lyons if you are looking to buy or sell a home!” 


-Michele Darwin

Ron Lyons Early Real Estate Days


Ron Lyon's journey through the real estate world started many years ago. In fact, it started the same year that an average home cost $72K and the average income was $21K per year. It was a big year for Prince with his release of the movie Purple Rain and the haunting love ballad by the same name. That's right, it was 1984 and a high school aged kid named Ron was working in the Park Cities area of Dallas, Texas for his mom's real estate company.

Back in those days, Ron would answer the phones on the weekends, setting appointments for the real estate agents who were out pounding the pavement leasing and selling homes. When Ron wasn't answering calls, he was usually out cleaning properties, mowing lawns or helping the on-staff maintenance personnel with their repair work.

Over time, Ron became very knowledgable about the portfolio of properties held by his mother's company. As the agents became too overwhelmed and unable to meet with the prospective buyers and tenants, Ron's phone work became even more important. The agents at the time appreciated the fact that Ron already had many of the properties "sold" on the phone before the clients had actually seen them in person.

Soon, the workload became too fierce for the overworked agents so Ron started working for each individual property owner (thereby not needing a real estate license in those days) and challenged himself to exceed the number of successful real estate transactions that were being made at the time by the best agents. As you can imagine, this was no small undertaking. With no formal training and only phone experience, Ron had to learn the entire process of leasing and selling real estate.

Fast forward a couple of years and Ron Lyons was steadily completing an average of three transactions per weekend for the owners he worked for. To Ron, this was challenging and rewarding work, and much better than cleaning properties and mowing lawns. Call it natural skill or just some good old fashioned motivation, but either way, Ron was very good at real estate at a young age.

Between 1989 and 1993, Ron moved into multi-family management and worked on a project where over 180 units originally built as apartments were converted into high-end condominiums and then sold individually. This project involved both internal updating to a very exacting standard for each unit as well as substantial exterior upgrades to the entire project. The project was a huge success and provided Ron with extensive knowledge in construction, project management and the sales process for a unique property type.

Ron Lyons Becomes A Police Officer

By 1993 Ron was feeling the need to strike out on his own and make a name for himself in something other than the family real estate business. With a natural servant's heart and desire to help people, Ron decided that police work was the right direction (against the strongest wishes of his mom, of course!)

Later that year, Ron had graduated Valedictorian of his police academy class and went to work in Celina, Texas as a police officer. Back in those days, the town was small and the hours were long but the knowledge Ron gained has served him well every day since then. The truth is, there wasn't much back up available and Ron was forced to make decisions on his own and to work out problems, sometimes of a life and death nature, on how own. It's very clear today that Ron works best when he is challenged with tough odds and big challenges. Most likely, this is due to the nature of his early work in law enforcement.

Ron went on to work in other cities as a police officer, including the City of Frisco, Texas during some of its early growth. During those years Ron served as a Narcotics Interdiction Officer, a K-9 Handler, a patrol sergeant, a Field Training Officer and in many other capacities.

Ron Lyons Fitness Studio Days

During the time that Ron was serving as a police officer, he had a strong interest in fitness. One of the police departments he worked for sent him to the famous Copper Aerobics Institue to become a Physical Fitness Specialist. After many long, arduous sessions at the institute, Ron graduated and began sharing his fitness knowledge with other police officers and administrators from the city. In fact, Ron's fitness training became so popular in the Dallas area that he was a regular feature on all of the local networks and even nationally on one network.

The fitness training eventually began to conflict with his work as a police officer. In fact, it wasn't uncommon for him to be working on a police matter and have the involved parties recognize him from either television or the cover of a magazine or perhaps a newspaper article. Ron knew his days of being a police officer were somewhat numbered so he began the process of moving into fitness full time.

For many years, Ron Lyons owned and operated the Ultimate Body Studios, a chain of full-body transformation centers. The studios became overwhelmingly popular and helped thousands of people over the years gain excellent health through weight loss and personal empowerment.

Sadly, Ron was involved in a weight training accident where a machine fell on him, trapping him underneath and breaking one of the vertebrae in his back. Ron made a strong recovery but was never able to lift heavy weights or run again. In time, Ron became increasingly unable to effectively lift the weights when spotting someone in the gym so he knew it was once again time to chart a course into the next challenge.

Ron Lyons Return To Real Estate

Ron considered many options available to him but the obvious answer was to return to real estate with all of his life experience from law enforcement and business ownership. That turned out to be a really great decision as Ron discovered that he still had the knack for real estate that he always had, but that he had gained a few things along the way. You see, one of the things about police work is that you have to be very strong and one heck of a negotiator (especially doing drug interdiction work.) So, as it turned out, Ron had become a natural master level negotiator with tons of command presence. What is a command presence? Let's just say it's the "take charge" skill set that many cops get.

Fast forward to today and Ron is very successfully working as a Realtor specializing in Celina, Texas where Ron and his wife Crystal own the Three Strands Ranch. Ron specializes in helping people with everything related to Celina real estate. Ron also regularly serves as Special Real Estate Commissioner for the Collin County Court system hearing cases regarding condemnation and right of way.

If you want someone with a long family history of real estate and tons of diverse, real-world real estate experience seasoned with a very strong skill set with negotiations and understanding how to make money, Ron Lyons is your agent, your Realtor. Give him a call. He may be another real estate agent's worst nightmare, but he will treat you like you are one of his oldest friends. 


“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”

—George Bernard Shaw

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