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-Realtor Specializing in Celina, Texas
-Former Celina & Frisco Police Officer
-Current Real Estate Commissioner for Collin County
-Local Celina, TX Ranch Owner
-Host of The Ron Lyons Real Estate Show and
 The Celina Radio Podcast
-Real Estate Blogger
-Proud Husband, Father, Christ Follower

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"Ron was professional, hard working and listened to our needs. We gave Ron a call, shared our ideas, and the rest is history.

It was a smart decision hiring Realtor Ron Lyons. He will find you your home! 

- Lonnie & Jennifer Gallaher

"We were looking for someone to help us move from the suburbs to the country. Glad we were told about Ron Lyons! Not only is he the best Realtor we've worked with, he is also the "escape the suburbs to the country" expert." 

-Thomas & Stacy Hester

"I highly recommend Ron to anyone looking for a competent and reliable real estate professional! He knows his stuff."

- Dylan Yarter

'I can't possibly say enough good about Ron Lyons when it comes to his ability to fight for you on a Real Estate transaction. I wouldn't want to be on the other side trying to negotiate with him. "

- Destiny Lambert

"Ron is really on top of things. I needed a location fast and he was able to locate just what I needed and at a better price than what I was expecting. Very highly recommend this guy"

- Christopher Caldwell

"I had my doubts about whether we could actually make the kind of money you were talking about. I'm shocked. You definitely did not disappoint."

-Cole & Traci Talley


Back in the early '90s, I had been working in my family's real estate business for a handful of years. It sounds somewhat braggadocious, but the truth is, I was good at it. In fact, too good for my age.  Since it was the family business, I had a burning desire to strike out on my own and do my own thing. 

I decided to become a police officer, put myself through the academy, and ultimately ended up getting hired by the Celina Police Department. On my very first day on patrol in Celina, I pulled into the town square and saw a pickup truck with a few young men in the bed trying to rope a friend who was running on foot ahead of the truck. I knew I wasn't in Dallas anymore.

Back then, the population in Celina, Texas, was about 1900 people. The highway that ran through town was called State Highway 289 (later to be known as Preston Road.) There wasn't a real estate boom taking place, and many people had not yet heard of Celina, Texas. 

I used to patrol the small, quiet streets of Celina and think about what it might cost to buy a home there. Many of the homes for sale were pier and beam, wood-framed houses.  There was a small number of brick homes for sale in Celina, TX, but not enough to make more than a small neighborhood.

There must have been two or three Realtors in Celina, TX, back in those days, and as far as I could tell, they handled every real estate transaction that came along. There were no sizeable real estate brands in Celina back then, and quite honestly, they probably weren't needed as everyone knew everyone in town.

Fast forward to today, and there are so many Realtors in Celina, Texas, that you can throw a rock and hit five of us. Every day that you go to your mailbox, you can count on three things, bills, junk mail, and something from a Celina. TX. Realtor.  I realize that every piece of mail you get says, "Hey, I'm the best Celina Realtor" or "Hello, I'm the highest-rated Realtor in Celina." Of course, you truly do need the best Celina, TX Realtor,  so later in this article, I will outline what you should look for before hiring a Celina, TX Realtor.

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There isn't a better place to raise your family than in the country. Life tends to move at a better, more relaxed pace with less stress. If you decide to, you can teach your kids all about hard work and even break them from their electronics habits! 

A Celina, texas family enjoying their new home.


Imagine getting to have horses, donkeys, ducks, you name it! Of course, keeping so many awesome animals in a typical cookie cut neighborhood is all but impossible. In the country, you'll gave greater opportunity for making and keeping some of the best animal friends you'll ever know.

A Celina, Texas farm animal looking at the camera.


Let's face it, you've always dreamed about living in the country, maybe having some acreage and living that life. But, you probably think that realizing this dream is impossible. The truth is, you may be surprised at what the possibilities are. There's only one way to know for sure and that's to contact Ron and find out. 

A Celina, Texas farm and ranch property.


Purchasing land in the Celina, Texas area can be one of the best financial decisions you'll make. Land values have been steadily rising, so the wise investor knows that Celina is the place to buy. Make a choice now to invest in something that will pay you back in the future.



Leaving the concrete jungle means leaving traffic, noise, nosy neighbors and stress so that you can discover peace and quiet. Not only that, but you'll rediscover things like sunsets, the sounds of summer birds and the smell of honeysuckle.

A Celina, TX couple enjoying the Texas sunset.


How would you like to step outside to your own little garden and pick some fresh vegetables? Maybe grab some pears off of your own pear trees. When you live in the crowded city, the opportunity for fresh vegetables may only  arrive at the local grocery store, however, in the country, you can grow your own!


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Ron's mom started in real estate in the late 70's and is still a Broker today. Ron grew up on real estate.