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Welcome to the most comprehensive real estate guide for Celina, Texas. This guide deals very specifically with Celina, Texas, however many of the elements can be applied to real estate in other areas. Ron Lyons spent many countless hours creating this guide with the hopes that it can provide remarkable help with your real estate goals. If you would like to share this document, please use the following link. Please note that this guide is intended for potential clients of Ron Lyons and not for use by -and may not be copied or modified by other real estate agents without the express written consent of Ron Lyons.

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Celina Texas Real Estate Guide 2023

Updated: Feb 26

Why Celina, Texas?

It's really funny. These days you hear two very distinct things about Celina, Texas. One is that it's THE place to move. The other thing you hear is from people who already live here: Don't move to Celina! (the reason? people want to get here as fast as they can, but then they don't want ANYONE else coming.) It's so funny! The reality is that more people are going to move to Celina than most could imagine. It's a city with more square miles than Frisco, McKinney or Plano and the North Dallas Tollway goes through Celina now. So it's going to grow. The question is "How do we maintain that small town feel that we all love so much?" The answer? By holding onto the downtown square and all that it represents. Keep reading. You'll learn so much about Celina, Texas, and how we can hold on to all that makes it so great.

Celina, TX Real Estate

Celina, Tx real estate is phenomenal! Celina TX real estate sets records from new home builders to pre-owned homes. Most Celina, TX real estate agents and Realtors know that Celina is one of the fastest-growing cities in North Texas and recently issued more new home building permits than any surrounding city. With the increase in Celina, TX land sales and even homes with land, there is no wonder that real estate developers and homebuilders are lining up to build in Celina, Texas. The good news is that the city leaders have an extraordinary vision for the City of Celina.

Back in the 1990-2010s, Frisco, Texas, was the hot spot for real estate. Today Frisco is still growing and bursting at the seams. Next in line would seem to be Prosper, Texas; however, that may not be true. The general direction of the city government in Prosper has made it more difficult for developers to develop shopping centers and neighborhoods. Therefore, more of these companies are moving up Preston Road and landing in a much more developer-friendly Celina, Texas.

So does a more developer-friendly City of Celina mean that carelessness and overbuilding are likely? Nope. Not at all. The current city government in Celina has a very healthy desire for controlled growth and a precise vision for Celina, as shown in its Comprehensive Plan. On a personal note, I was a small part of the growth of Frisco back in the 1990s, and I see so many parallels between the two cities. However, as is usually the case, those who come along later have the ability and opportunity to do it BETTER. That is what I see with the City of Celina today vs. the City for Frisco back in its infancy. To learn more about Celina, Texas, check out my earlier article.

Today, Celina, TX real estate is so hot because the city is fostering a great future for it's residents without losing touch with Celina's great history. For example, the City of Celina sponsors many events in it's downtown square that are exactly what one would expect from a small town. Friday Night Movies on the square, Celina Canjun Fest and more are all representative of the small town feel in this booming little city. Some other local events in Celina include The Wine Crawl, Beware the Square, and Oktoberfest. Of course, we have an awesome holiday event at Christmastime. If you would like to get an idea of just how "small town" Celina, TX really is, check out some of my videos from around Celina.

When you combine the history of Celina, Texas and the future of Celina, Texas you get a Celina, TX real estate market that is poised to boom! Land and property values are rocketing and the vision for the city is amazing. In a word, Celina, Texas is THE place to be and I have drank the Celina, Texas Kool-Ade. (if you would like to know more about my story,