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Welcome to the most comprehensive Real Estate Blog in existence that focuses solely on Celina, Texas. My blog deals very specifically with Celina, Texas. I have spent many countless hours writing each post with the hopes that they can provide remarkable help with your Celina real estate goals. It helps us and this site greatly if you comment and especially share the posts that you like on your social media!  Also, the link below is for my super comprehensive Celina Real Estate Guide. Please feel free to download it. (Please note that the guide is not for use or re-print by other real estate agents.)


Celina Texas Real Estate Guide 2024

Why Celina, Texas?

It's really funny. These days you hear two very distinct things about Celina, Texas. One is that it's THE place to move. The other thing you hear is from people who already live here: Don't move to Celina! (the reason? people want to get here as fast as they can, but then they don't want ANYONE else coming.) It's so funny! The reality is that more people are going to move to Celina than most could imagine. It's a city with more square miles than Frisco, McKinney or Plano and the North Dallas Tollway goes through Celina now. So it's going to grow. The question is "How do we maintain that small town feel that we all love so much?" The answer? By holding onto the downtown square and all that it represents. Keep reading. You'll learn so much about Celina, Texas, and how we can hold on to all that makes it so great.

Celina, TX Real Estate

Celina, Tx real estate is phenomenal! Celina TX real estate sets records from new home builders to pre-owned homes. Most Celina, TX real estate agents and Realtors know that Celina is one of the fastest-growing cities in North Texas and recently issued more new home building permits than any surrounding city. With the increase in Celina, TX land sales and even homes with land, there is no wonder that real estate developers and homebuilders are lining up to build in Celina, Texas. The good news is that the city leaders have an extraordinary vision for the City of Celina.

Back in the 1990-2010s, Frisco, Texas, was the hot spot for real estate. Today Frisco is still growing and bursting at the seams. Next in line would seem to be Prosper, Texas; however, that may not be true. The general direction of the city government in Prosper has made it more difficult for developers to develop shopping centers and neighborhoods. Therefore, more of these companies are moving up Preston Road and landing in a much more developer-friendly Celina, Texas.

So does a more developer-friendly City of Celina mean that carelessness and overbuilding are likely? Nope. Not at all. The current city government in Celina has a very healthy desire for controlled growth and a precise vision for Celina, as shown in its Comprehensive Plan. On a personal note, I was a small part of the growth of Frisco back in the 1990s, and I see so many parallels between the two cities. However, as is usually the case, those who come along later have the ability and opportunity to do it BETTER. That is what I see with the City of Celina today vs. the City for Frisco back in its infancy. To learn more about Celina, Texas, check out my earlier article.

Today, Celina, TX real estate is so hot because the city is fostering a great future for it's residents without losing touch with Celina's great history. For example, the City of Celina sponsors many events in it's downtown square that are exactly what one would expect from a small town. Friday Night Movies on the square, Celina Canjun Fest and more are all representative of the small town feel in this booming little city. Some other local events in Celina include The Wine Crawl, Beware the Square, and Oktoberfest. Of course, we have an awesome holiday event at Christmastime. If you would like to get an idea of just how "small town" Celina, TX really is, check out some of my videos from around Celina.

When you combine the history of Celina, Texas and the future of Celina, Texas you get a Celina, TX real estate market that is poised to boom! Land and property values are rocketing and the vision for the city is amazing. In a word, Celina, Texas is THE place to be and I have drank the Celina, Texas Kool-Ade. (if you would like to know more about my story, check this earlier article out.)

Home Builders In Celina, Texas

Most new home builders in Celina, Texas, are averaging about 5-8 months out, and when the market is a "seller's market" they charge premiums over what the "normal" new home prices are. The sad truth is that everyone, including recent home builders and agents who sell new construction, take advantage during a "seller's market." In some cases, I have seen where a new homebuyer contracts for a new construction home at a specific date and time. As the months go by, the value of the new house has gone up and could be sold by the homebuilder for much more than the original homebuyers had contracted. In these cases, some of the less scrupulous homebuilders are taking advantage of ANY reason to drop or cancel the phone purchase contract.

Of course, when the market shifts as it did during July-August, 2022, then things become more balanced. In all cases, you need me to help you navigate the mess that can be the Celina real estate market. Unfortunately, many agents and Realtors are simply not equipped to handle the wild ride of real estate these days.

For the next 20 plus years, builders and developers will continue to flock to Celina, Texas, and build roads, shopping centers, and new homes. It is important to note that while most of these builders and developers will be responsible and honest in their business dealings, there will undoubtedly be some builders and developers that simply have one thing in mind: profits. So, always do your research and get recommendations from other people who have done business with these builders and developers. A little extra due diligence on the front side can help save you some heartache.

The best scenario is to have a Realtor or real estate agent with you during the home buying process, even with these Celina homebuilders. While your protection against any less than honorable homebuilders is only as good as your Realtor or real estate agent, having some protection is better than none. Of course, the best bet of all is to use me, Ron Lyons, when purchasing new construction in Celina, TX. I am super well versed and willing to go toe to toe with these Celina homebuilders and not allow them to push you out of a new home sale just so that they can make more money. Thankfully, most Celina, Texas real estate is on the up and up, and it is my goal is that you leave any real estate transaction having had a wonderful experience.

7 Tips: How To Buy A Home From A Builder In Celina, Texas

  1. ALWAYS use a real estate agent or Realtor when buying from a new home builder in Celina, TX. New construction is a lengthy process requiring many builder meetings and updates. A real estate agent or Realtor who is familiar with Celina TX homebuilders will be able to help you navigate this process.

  2. Check reviews for "new home builders in Celina TX" or "Celina TX homebuilders" on Google and take the time to learn all about other new homebuyers' experiences before you even start looking.

  3. Understand that the new construction and homebuilders in Celina, TX are all in the business of building new homes for one thing: profit. The executives, salespeople, and staff all depend on making lots of money by selling their homes. That means that they work for their bottom line, not yours. Keep that in mind as you discuss your intentions, desire to buy, income level, etc.; most of that information will undoubtedly be used in meetings to figure out who the homebuilder can sell to for the most profit.

  4. Be aware that most new home builders (including new home builders in Celina, TX) are much more prone to let a deal fall out (fail) while we are in a seller's market. The reason is that they can sell the same home that was placed under contract months earlier for even more as time goes on. How this affects you as the homebuyer realizes that if ANY reason comes up to terminate your contract, your builder may do so. These reasons include changing your credit score and standing on aspects of the new construction, such as a fence that you want one way and the builder wants another. Making the statement that you will terminate the deal if the homebuilder disagrees with you may get that done as they consider that an expression of your desire to terminate the contract. Caution MUST be used when buying a new home from a Celina TX homebuilder (or anywhere else in Texas during a seller's market)

  5. During a seller's market, Incentives from Celina, TX homebuilders, are much smaller than they typically are. Due to high demand and low inventory, these new home builders do not have to incentivize these home deals nearly as much. Of course, they DO want your business at the end of the day, so there will be some small incentive, but nothing like you may be used to. The only incentive is offered if you use the homebuilder's in-house home financing or preferred lender. The truth of this offer is that they will make more by financing your home and potentially selling the loan into the secondary market than letting you come into the deal with your mortgage lender. Of course, in a more balanced market, the playing field is more even and fair. Builders calm down and treat buyers much better when it's not a free for all cash grab seller's market.

  6. While it is unethical, many new home builders will discourage you from using your outside mortgage lender. They may not SAY anything, but they will generally push you to use their in-house or preferred lender because they make more money on the financing side of the deal as well as the cost of the home. You should keep this in mind because if you and another otherwise qualified buyer want to buy the same house from one of the homebuilders in Celina, TX, and you want to use your outside mortgage lender, and the other buyer will use the homebuilder's lender, then you may quickly lose the deal. I know this isn't fair, and it's certainly not ethical, but it happens, and the only way to combat this is for you to be informed.

  7. Some home builders in Celina, Texas, put their homes that have fallen out onto a list each month where they then take the "highest and best" offer on them. Knowing which homebuilders in Celina, TX, do one of these lists can be advantageous to a homebuyer. However, understand that these homebuilders are gunning for HIGH offers. Usually, anything reasonable won't get the deal done, and remember that your HIGH offer, if you are financing and not paying cash, still requires the new home to "appraise." Guess who your comps are? That's right, other deals in the same neighborhood, same floorplan, builder, etc. but at LOWER prices. That means that you may struggle with getting financing. So here's the deal. Your real estate agent or Realtor needs to KNOW what the other comps sold for in your neighborhood and then do their best to get you close to that comp rate. Can they do it? Again, it all depends on how good your real estate agent or Realtor is. Celina real estate is no walk in the park.

Preowned Homes in Celina, Texas

During a seller's market, preowned homes in Celina, TX, are in super high demand. Whenever a preowned home goes for sale in Celina, there is usually a multiple offer situation. For about 24 months, up until July 2022, Celina was experiencing a "super seller's market." Numerous offers were coming in on the homes for sale, and sales prices are reaching all-time highs. In almost every case (with only a few exceptions), preowned homes in Celina, TX, were selling for well above market price. Interestingly, the MLS is only catching those listings entered into the Multiple Listing Service for sale, and it's missing all off-market homes for sale. Currently, the market is in an adjustment period which means it's less of a sellers market and swinging in the favor of the buyers now.

Speaking of off-market homes for sale in Celina, TX, THOSE are the hottest commodity. Let's face it, everyone will be competing for the listings that real estate agents and Realtors put on the market, but in theory, fewer buyers will be lining up for the "off-market" homes for sale. But how does one find these "off-market homes" in Celina, TX? You have to have a Realtor or real estate agent who has the inside track on these off-market listings, and that's not easy.

These days, most Realtors and real estate agents are just good enough to do the essential paperwork and handle the real estate transaction well enough to get the deal to the title company for closing. But, honestly, most of them aren't much better than that. What I am saying is based on experience, MY experience. I deal with these agents and Realtors almost every day, and while they are typically really great people, they are NOT masters of their craft. Therefore, most real estate agents and Realtors in Celina, TX, are simply going to go to the MLS and do a basic search for you. Yay. That simply ISN'T going to get the job done. The truth is that you need a very experienced, very CONNECTED real estate agent or Realtor working on your behalf in Celina, Texas. And for the record, I know one. I'll be happy to share his information with you when he's done writing this article!

Once you find that preowned home in Celina, TX, you must gain the right to purchase the house -meaning sellers are going to be much more selective now on the strengths of the offers they will consider. But here's the thing: you don't have to worry with the proper representation on your side (Realtor or real estate agent). Mind you, it's not going to be a walk in the park, but it's also not as likely to be a situation where you have heard of homebuyers having to make 20 offers on one pre-existing home, either. Again, your situation is only as good as the real estate professional you hire to work on your behalf.

For many homebuyers, getting into the Celina, TX real estate market is out of the question, understandably. And while there were some indications that this seller's market in Celina would cool off and balance out a bit when the pandemic was over, that is turned out not to be the case. In fact, in a recent Fortune article, the inventory of homes for sale took another deep dive reflecting a 25 percent drop in February 2022 vs. February 2021 and a 48 percent drop since February 2020 (all based on home listings on Zillow.) As of July, 2022, things are coming back around and inventory is again on the rise.

Preowned homes are challenging, and the "normal" way of shopping for some homes for sale, negotiating a lower offer, and then going through the home buying process is currently on hold. The current protocol for buying a preowned home in Celina, Texas, is very different.

First, you will need to have a super real estate agent or Realtor who can get you very properly pre-qualified with a fantastic mortgage lender if you need to finance. A strong proof of available funds is critical if you are a cash home buyer. And, the importance of making sure that your Celina real estate agent or Celina, TX Realtor has a strong relationship with that mortgage professional can't be underscored enough.

You want your real estate agent or Realtor to be so closely associated with your mortgage lender so that there is something on the line for the mortgage person, in this case, the relationship with the real estate agent or Realtor. Mortgage people count on real estate agents and Realtors for their continued business pipeline. Without these Realtors and agents, much of the mortgage lender's business would disappear. As you can deduct, if a mortgage lender doesn't already have a great and healthy relationship with the real estate agent or Realtor, then they have nothing serious to lose and may not work as hard for your real estate loan.

Your real estate agent or Realtor needs to get you the MLS listings AS THEY DROP (not even an hour later), or they need to have a deep list of off-market home listings available for you to move on; ideally, they will have the ability to do both. As I have said many times, most all real estate agents can do the primary job, but few can do an amazing job. Real estate is often used as a "fallback" job when someone has lost their regular employment. The other scenario (and worse, in my opinion) is the real estate agent or Realtor that only does real estate work part-time. Let me tell you, in this seller's market and especially in the Celina real estate market; you need a fully invested, full-time real estate agent or Realtor working on your behalf. Period. Be clear; I'm not disparaging the part-time agents out there; I'm just being very realistic as a Realtor veteran of this seller's market in Celina, Texas.

Ultimately, the next steps in landing a preowned home in Celina, TX, are primarily up to your real estate agent or Realtor. I will say that most of them do not have a strong strategy for getting you the preowned home. Most agents and Realtors would simply tell you that you can not ask for anything and then send in an offer allowing the home seller to set all of the deadlines and rules for the deal. This, of course, is not in your best interest. In my case, I have some fire-forged strategies and techniques that I use to get the upper hand in the hot Celina, TX real estate market -but I can't share them here as I am already training so many other agents on how to do their jobs. Providing free training here is not the intent of this article but rather to help YOU, the homebuyer, understand the roadmap to get a preowned home in Celina. As you know, Celina, TX real estate is hot, and it's a fast and furious game.

8 Tips: How To Buy A Preowned Home In Celina, Texas

  1. Have your agent or Realtor build in as many exits as possible in the deal. You may need one of them, and it is more likely that inexperienced agents will be more inclined to close all potential exit doors on the sale to get you in the door. This is NOT in your best interest.

  2. Ensure that your real estate agent or Realtor has more than just knowledge of the MLS listings in Celina. They need to have a deep list of the potential off-market listings in Celina, TX. as well.

  3. Keep your mind open to the fact that you will likely have to pursue several preowned homes before you get one under contract. But, there is a vast difference between pursuing a few homes vs. pursuing 20 homes. Develop a challenging perspective and be ready to be turned down before you get the final yes to move forward on your Celina, TX preowned home.

  4. Move fast and be decisive. I can't tell you how many times "we're going to think about it overnight" has lost a deal that would have worked. Celina, Texas real estate is not a typical, slow "think about it" market. So don't.

  5. Don't gear up with an "average" real estate agent or Realtor. Celina, TX real estate is not a place for beginners or the inexperienced to learn the ropes at your expense. Remember that being a licensed agent does not mean much more than a piece of paper that allows that person to do a real estate transaction. The last thing it means is that they are GOOD or AMAZING at what they do.

  6. Try to use a Celina, TX real estate agent or Realtor. It's not so much that agents that don't live and work in Celina aren't good. It's just that by not living AND working here, they are at a disadvantage. Of course, they will argue this point with you and tell you all about how great they are and how many Celina, TX preowned homes they have handled. But, you know as well as I do that there are certain advantages that Celina, TX Realtors, and real estate agents will have over those who live and predominantly do real estate work elsewhere.

  7. When entering the Celina TX real estate market as a homebuyer, don't get caught up in the hype, good or bad. You will hear all about how much over-market this home sold or how many offers this other home received. If you let this hype guide the way you think and act, you will likely be seriously stressed out. Celina Texas real estate should not be that stressful. With a good, solid real estate agent or Realtor and a great plan, you can navigate the Celina TX real estate market and come out on the other side with a preowned home that you like and much less stress than those who approach the Celina housing market listening to all the hype.

  8. Be aware of any efforts to get you to sign either a full or partial appraisal waiver. If you DO decide to consider using an appraisal waiver, you should know EXACTLY what the potential outlay of cash is on your part. An appraisal waiver means that if the home or property does not "appraise" (meet the value placed on the house by the sellers), you get to pay the difference. A partial waiver limits the amount you are on the hook for, and a full appraisal waiver means you pay ALL of the difference. This is ALWAYS something to consider strongly before letting your real estate agent or Realtor take you down that road.

Land for sale in Celina, Texas with hay and clouds.
Celina, TX Real Estate Land For Sale

Celina Texas Land For Sale

The Celina TX real estate market, has many more facets than just typical listings on the MLS of pre-owned homes for sale and new home builder homes for sale. One of the facets island. That's right, land. Many people come to Celina, Texas, with the idea that they can buy some land today then build on it years later, perhaps at retirement age. Others come to Celina looking to purchase land and build now. I deal with both scenarios in Celina, Texas, all the time. Perhaps I can help you better understand buying land in Celina, TX, and how it can affect your dreams and realities.

First of all, for those land buyers who want to buy and hold land in Celina, TX, let me ask you this: how will you afford the home you want to build years from now? With inflation and the cost of building materials and labor going sky high, this may be a more daunting task than you can imagine. Let's take an example and see how this all works out.

First, imagine that Mike wants to buy land in Celina, Texas, and build on it in 12 years when he retires. Let's say 6 acres of rich Celina, Texas land. Why six? Because Mike told me. Now, at the current rate for land in Celina, TX, he will pay at least $600K for this property. It's more like $900K if it's prime land and no less than $420K for some "iffy" land in Celina, TX. Without even looking at or considering the costs to build a new home in Celina, you can see how the land cost alone can be quite limiting for many people.

So, Ron, you say I should not buy land in Celina, TX? Nope, that's not at all what I am saying. But, it is something to consider. Perhaps, another approach is in order if money isn't quite what it needs to be to accomplish this Celina, TX real estate dream. Ready for this? How about trying to find the Celina TX land that you want but find land WITH a home on it already. Maybe it isn't your dream home, but perhaps it IS something you can live with, work with and later remodel or add on to.

By finding a parcel of Celina Texas land with an existing home, you guarantee access to certain utilities, including water and electricity. If you buy raw land, one of your primary considerations will later have to be bringing water and electricity to the property. This alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If the pre-existing home is acceptable as a starting point for you, you will spend much less money renovating and adding to an existing home instead of building a new one.

If you are headset on building a new home in Celina, TX, then you should consider the current "master plan" or "overlay" of how the city currently would like to see the city develop in the future. For example, the City of Celina may prefer to have light commercial in a particular area adjacent to land that you are looking at purchasing. Of course, this commercial development could very adversely affect your land and home value in the future. The key is to do all of your due diligence ahead of time and determine the potential future use of land within the city of Celina and how it will affect your particular property or land.

While you are considering the projected buildout of the City of Celina, make sure that any parcel of land that you look at purchasing doesn't have any limitations based on easements from utility companies. You may find the perfect tract of land in Celina and later find out that you can't build on it because there is an underground gas line with 25' boundaries on each side running right across your prime Celina TX real estate.

Deed restrictions are also something to consider and contend with when looking at any Celina Texas real estate. Don't know what a deed restriction is? Well, it's a potentially nasty (potentially helpful) little restriction added to the deed of a piece of property that passes from owner to owner of a property over the years. Deed restrictions can limit the types of animals you have, what kind of structures you can build, even what color you choose for the exterior of a property, and more. Anything can be deed-restricted on a property, and YOU need to know what, if any, deed restrictions exist on your potential land purchase. These deed restrictions MAY be able to be removed, but most likely not. Before investing in any Celina TX real estate, the best action plan is to check for deed restrictions on a property or piece of land before purchasing it. Either the county clerk can help you or an excellent real estate attorney.

7 Tips: How To Buy Land In Celina, Texas

  1. When purchasing any Celina TX real estate (incredibly raw land), be sure that your real estate agent or Realtor knows their way around a land deal. So many of these deals are a far cry from a typical residential real estate transaction. The paperwork is different, the knowledge required is VERY different, the potential pitfalls and issues that may be encountered are tremendous; overall, it's just a very different sort of real estate transaction that demands a well-versed real estate agent or Realtor to handle it.

  2. In an aggressive real estate market like Celina, Texas, "comps" may mean much less for land deals. In the faster real estate markets, there is more of an unofficial "going rate" per acre for the land. This matters when a land buyer is attempting to get financing on the land because the bank or lender will use "comps" to determine a loan value for the property. In these cases, a land purchaser or buyer should have their real estate agent or Realtor pull comps and see how they compare to the "going rate." Of course, your real estate agent or Realtor HAS to know what that "going rate" is with any Celina TX real estate land deal.

  3. Most lenders or banks require a larger downpayment for raw, undeveloped land than traditional home purchases. Therefore, as stated before, finding land that you like along with a pre-existing home that you can work with may be the better option. Your real estate agent or Realtor must know when to approach the Celina TX real estate deal as a residential, farm, and ranch or land deal.

  4. Current and future access to water and electricity are critical to any Celina TX real estate land deal. For example, if there is no current water to the land, you may have to pull a water line from the nearest water provider at your own expense. This can be very expensive. The same applies to electricity. Before committing to land purchase, make sure that you have thoroughly researched the utility situation and understand any challenges that may present themselves.

  5. As a land buyer, you should ABSOLUTELY know the future plans for the city as far as intended use in the area, zoning, etc. For example, you may dream of buying some prime Celina TX real estate for your retirement home, but the city of Celina may intend for the area around your perfect property to be built out as light commercial, etc. You can understand how this would affect your enjoyment and use of the land. If your land is not yet within the City of Celina, it may be in the City of Celina's ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction). That means your land will likely be annexed into the Celina one day. You may have more lax building codes in Collin or Denton County, or you may need to adhere to more strict building codes by the City of Celina.

  6. Be very aware of current building costs. One thing that is very evident in the current Celina TX real estate market is that prices for EVERYTHING are going up. Building materials, labor, and all the associated costs with building a new home on raw land have gone up to record numbers. You may have an idea of how you can purchase some Celina, TX land for sale, but do you have a real plan for how you will pay for the construction of the home on that land?

  7. Taxes. Sometimes the most significant limiting factor in purchasing land for sale in Celina, TX, is the projected tax bill you will also acquire. The property taxes on five-plus acres can be thousands of dollars per year in Celina, TX, or Collin County. The solution is to apply for an agricultural exemption on the land and then follow through with an agricultural use for as long as you own the land. There are limitations, including the fact that the land has to have had an agricultural exemption/use for a certain number of years before you get an exemption (something your real estate agent or Realtor needs to determine for you.) You will also be limited in what you may use to keep the agricultural exemption, such as horses, goats, cattle, bees, etc. Do your research. It matters.

Celina, TX Real Estate Agents & Realtors

Celina, Texas real estate agents and Realtors, are a very eclectic mix of people, all with different experiences and objectives. Some of them have been here a long, long time. Others are newer to the Celina TX real estate market, and there are quite a few who do a few deals here but have no other interest in the community. And, like in most professions, some are at the top of their game, and others shouldn't even be in the game. How do you know who to hire for your Celina TX real estate needs?

So let's consider a few things. First of all, I would never use an agent or a Realtor who doesn't live in the City of Celina and doesn't specialize in Celina, TX real estate. Nothing personal against any of the outliers who cross over into Celina to do an occasional deal, as many of them are my friends and are great people, but their focus is diluted. It has to be. And I hold myself to the same standard. If you want to buy a condo in Garland, Texas, I'm not your guy. Need a cute little cottage in the M streets? Nope, not me. It has nothing to do with my ability to conduct the actual transaction; instead, it has everything to do with what part of the metroplex I live and breathe. For me, that's Celina, Texas.

You will undoubtedly find agents and Realtors doing Celina TX real estate that have been here a long time. Most of them are great, but at times, the old-school way of conducting business can significantly reduce your effectiveness in either selling a home or land for top dollar or impede your ability to land a great piece of Celina TX real estate. Here's what I mean: I have had NUMEROUS dealings with some of the veteran real estate agents in the area that simply do not understand the most updated version of the Texas Real Estate Commission's One to Four Family Contract.

On a recent transaction, or "attempted transaction," an agent with over 25 years of experience misinformed her clients about one of the paragraphs in the contract, causing them to decline the offer. This deal was worth nearly one million dollars, and, unfortunately, the agent's clients lost out on a near-perfect deal. Neither those homeowners nor you should have to deal with incompetency on the part of your agent or Realtor.

Another thing that is SUPER common in small towns like Celina is having a few agents that "Have been here forever" or "knows everyone" -but that absolutely does NOT relate to them being the most qualified. It simply means they are the most well known, popular or whatever. And that's great, but as in any service or business, I want the one who is going to do the best job for me. Not the one that could win a popularity contest but lose my money in a real estate deal.

Another common situation that you may experience is that quite a few real estate agents and Realtors in Celina, Texas, do real estate as a part-time job. Perhaps if you wanted to hire a part-time personal trainer or a part-time house cleaner, that would be ok, but in the current Celina TX real estate market, I think you should have someone who doesn't only work full time for you, but rather OVERTIME for you. This market requires it, and I believe that you can not be appropriately served by part-time effort. Try to find the best Celina, TX Realtor you can find, and always research their Real Estate Education.

One of the mistakes that I see more than any others is when people feel compelled to use their friend or relative in a real estate transaction simply because the person is a friend or relative. Don't get me wrong, there are certainly some real estate agents and Realtors out there who are amazing and whom their friends and family choose to represent them, but usually, this just isn't the case.

You see, in real estate school 101, they teach you (as a newbie agent) to push your "sphere of influence" (friends and family) to use you. I mean, why wouldn't they? Indeed, you are going to have the seller or buyer's best interest at heart. Well, no, that's rarely the case in my experience. Many things are taken for granted because there is a relationship between the real estate agent or Realtor and the seller or buyer. I am confident that you can imagine what I am talking about. To keep relationships sound and get the best possible real estate service, I recommend that you never use a friend or family member as your Celina TX real estate representative. Unless you are my friend or family, you are safe!

10 Tips: How To Hire a Realtor In Celina, Texas

  1. Always try to use a real estate agent or Realtor that is fully invested in and lives, works, shops, and thrives in Celina, Texas. Any real estate agent or Realtor licensed in Texas can technically "handle" your deal. Still, you are almost always better served by someone who lives in Celina and is fully connected to the community.

  2. Avoid using friends or family when buying or selling Celina TX real estate. You will likely save your relationship AND get much better service.

  3. Determine whether your real estate agent or Realtor is a "master of their craft" or if they are simply a basic, pretty much get the job done agent. By finding the specialists who have been on the front lines, who have dealt with every possible scenario, and who have developed tried and proven techniques to get what you want, you will achieve a much greater level of Celina TX real estate success.

  4. Responsiveness of your Celina TX real estate agent or Realtor is CRITICAL. I have worked with many of them who simply do not promptly return phone calls or texts. In fact, I recently worked with a Realtor who makes it clear that they turn off the phone at 5 PM and never work weekends. It goes without saying that while this may work for some professions, it is a disaster for anyone using that Realtor on a Celina TX real estate transaction.

  5. Avoid the haughty, highly valued Celina TX real estate agent or Realtor. In the business of real estate, boasting is VERY common. Many agents and Realtors base their self-worth on their jobs, and to feel good about themselves, they become very self-aggrandizing. Why does this matter to you? Because often protecting their much-inflated self-value means they WON'T do what has to be done to either sell or help you buy a home. Perhaps the agent who holds the perfect listing for you is new to real estate. Your ego-driven agent or Realtor may refuse to communicate with them or have a rocky rapport. And there are so many other examples of how these "I am the god of real estate" wanna-be professionals can hurt your real estate goals. So, beware.

  6. Do a little research and find out if the Celina TX real estate agent or Realtor takes the "cheap" or a more professional approach to real estate. For example, does the real estate agent or Realtor tend to take their photos with a cell phone? Yellow tinted lighting, bad angles, and reflections of the agent in the bathroom mirror are all horrendous and DO NOT serve you well. Does the agent use a cheap hardware store-type key box? Or a modern Bluetooth-enabled key box that documents what agent or Realtor is opening it so that you can track your showings? If you want a REAL telltale indication of the level of professionalism of any particular agent or Realtor, see what email they use. Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, seriously? This speaks volumes.

  7. Pay particular attention to your Celina TX real estate agent or Realtor's website. Is it essentially with almost no effort or time put into it? Since the internet is where most people do their research now, that should tell you TONS about them. Basic, unhelpful and minimal effort websites can be a vast insight into an agent's work product. On the other hand, if the website is full of help and information (accurate information, not borrowed articles, etc.) and gives you a great experience, then you can also take that as a representation of their work ethic and what you can expect from them in your Celina TX real estate transaction.

  8. Avoid the Celina TX real estate agent or Realtor that can't go 30 seconds without telling you that they are an agent or Realtor. This person focuses so much on WHAT or WHO they are that they likely have little brain space left to keep knowledge of the actual ART of real estate. Plus, they've already driven all of their off-market friends and contacts crazy, and you won't have any luck with them finding you that off-market deal.

  9. EVERYTHING in real estate centers around the ability or lack of ability to negotiate in real estate. Having been a police officer in a former life and having dealt with some of the worst in that job, negotiating in conflict is nothing new. In fact, at some point in my past as a police officer, it became clear that I was GREAT at negotiating. And, conflict DOES NOT bother me, not even a little. For many Celina TX real estate agents and Realtors, negotiation is NOT a strong suit, and conflict is something that 99% of them avoid entirely. Maybe that's part of why real estate comes so easy for me. I'm fearless and have a powerful command presence. Many real estate agents and Realtors are sorely lacking in negotiations. Keep that in mind. Your results depend 100% on it.

  10. Find and use a Celina TX real estate agent or Realtor with a vast network of professionals and services to help you. One of the most apparent professionals that your agent or Realtor should have strong connections with is mortgage professionals. But, you will likely need a great title company, property insurance, home inspection, and other services.

Selling A Pre-owned Home In Celina, Texas

Selling Celina, Texas real estate in the form of a pre-owned home can be stressful and rewarding at the same time. And, as a home seller, you will likely run into all kinds of homebuyers. There will be ones who are new to the market and who don't get it yet, and there will be others that have been through the wringer and know what's going on with Celina, TX, real estate.

One thing is for sure though, YOU, as the home seller in a seller's market, are in the coveted position, however in a buyer's market, you are not. Unfortunately, many home sellers are getting very greedy and taking serious advantage of the market when it's hot. Due to the shortage of pre-owned homes, prices go extraordinarily high. Some sellers are sensing the absolute desperation of the would-be home buyers and cashing in on that desperation by pricing THEIR home even higher.

I'm the first to admit that I pride myself on getting the best real estate deals for my clients in all situations, but I do not accept letting greed drive our decisions on setting prices. It's like setting the price of water at $20 a bottle when water is in short supply. It's not ok, and home sellers should avoid letting greed motivate them.

Of course, some will disagree with me. And that's fine because we still live in a free country, and you are free to set the price of your Celina, Texas pre-owned home anywhere you want to. However, imagine being on the other side of the deal. Imagine having worked hard to buy a house and live your life there. But, because of the incredible amount of greed in the real estate marketplace, you cannot compete for homes that would otherwise be within your reach.

Unable to find a home at a fair price, you get discouraged; maybe you even give up. I can hear you screaming, "but that's not my problem; that's the marketplace at work." And oddly, I agree with you. BUT, there's more to it than that. The same reason you put your cart up at the grocery store after loading your groceries into your car is why you price your home FAIRLY in this market. The reason you clean up your table at Mcdonald's is the same reason you price your home fairly in this market. It's not your job to do these tasks, but rather it IS your job to be a good person. Get it?

Now let me be clear, I am not saying to underprice your home. If the market is 450K for your home typically, but due to the shift towards a seller's market, it's worth 475K, so be it. That's called "cashing in" on a hot—Celina Texas real estate market. BUT, setting the sales price of your pre-owned Celina, TX home at 550K or more is too much. Sure, someone who is desperate and has more money than common sense will buy it, but at the expense of everyone else. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Now that the market has begun to shift around to more of a buyers market, sellers have to actually get back to the art of marketing and selling their homes. The days of listing it on MLS and then watching a free for all fight for the home are currently on hold. Will they be back? Yes. When? Who knows.

Perhaps the second most important consideration when selling a home in Celina, Texas is how the home is marketed. Thats right. A home, just like anything else for sale must be marketed to potential buyers. And here's a little insider secret: most listings that go on the MLS also get listed on Zillow, and all of the other large name listing sites. Automatically. Your agent didn't do any magic to get your home there. Nope. But, sadly, this IS where most marketing stops for most homes by average agents and Realtors.

How about this instead: Create AMAZING videos of the home. Use. only PROFESSIONAL photography. FEATURE the home on podcasts and other local media. Hold AMAZING open houses. Incentivize the showing and selling of the house with Realtor or agent bonuses. Put proper signage in front of the home that is LIT at night! And still, there is so much more that can be done to help sell a home for top dollar and minimal stress, however, I have to keep SOME of my best kept secrets to myself. This guide is already used as a training resource for other agents.

As far as selling a pre-owned home in Celina, Texas otherwise, there are many things you can do to ensure that you get top dollar for your house. The idea is to create an experience. Yep, an experience. I know it sounds crazy, but I promise that you will be pleasantly surprised by the results if you follow my "Guide To Selling A Pre-Owned Home in Celina, Texas."

8 Tips: A Guide To Selling A Pre-Owned Home in Celina, Texas

  1. Consider that selling your pre-owned Celina, TX home, you are creating an experience that must satisfy all human senses, including sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste.

  2. Your pre-owned Celina, TX home should look it's very best. You are selling something, AND you are expecting top dollar for it. Make sure that your home LOOKS like it deserves the price you are asking for. This all starts with the photography done on the house. Did your real estate agent or Realtor take a few photos with their phone? Guess what? You're already losing to your competition. Understand that the FIRST time most potential homebuyers see your home is online, so photography is critical.

  3. Once your photography has lured the potential homebuyers to your little slice of Celina, TX real estate, you need the home to look amazing OUTSIDE. That's right, the good ole "curb appeal.' It matters. Clean up the yard, paint what needs to be painted and make a serious effort at presenting your home in the best way possible.

  4. Of course, the inside of your home may be the most important place to have your home looking fantastic. Put in all the time it takes to get the house as nearly perfect as possible. And before you say, "well Ron, we DO live there," understand that I KNOW you live there, but we are also trying to sell your house to people who need to be able to imagine themselves living there. That's hard to do with your dirty underwear on the floor and this morning's toothpaste in the sink. Also, make sure your Celina, TX home for sale is light, bright, and open. Open the blinds, turn on every light in the home and create a positive experience for your potential homebuyers.

  5. Your home also needs to smell good. This often-overlooked element is essential as well. These days it is super easy to get any number of light, clean-smelling candles, air fresheners, or essential oils used in a diffuser. Invest in something that will likely be pleasing to most people and then use it. Go out of your way to ensure that pet odors, cigarette or cigar smoke, and such are NEVER present in your home during the sales period. If you have the advantage of KNOWING that a showing will take place at a particular time and on a specific day, consider making chocolate chip cookies 15 minutes before the showing takes place. The benefits are apparent.

  6. When showing your Celina, TX real estate listing, always consider having elements that invite potential buyers to TOUCH them. For example, to make your bedroom look like the perfect place to rest and recover, place an oversized, soft comforter across the bed. Perhaps you could put soft, fluffy towels in the bathroom. In the kitchen, place a couple of modern, smooth glass coffee cups on the counter, complete with shiny new silverware. All of this BEGS the potential homebuyer to want to touch these things and makes a special connection with them that other properties will not offer.

  7. Take the time to ensure that soft, relaxing music plays throughout your house when showings occur. Amazon Alexa devices work well and can be coordinated to play the same music throughout the house, creating a fantastic "experience." However, even a small radio playing some relaxing music can make all the difference!

  8. Provide snacks and drinks when showings occur. A simple display of small packaged cookies, chips, or healthy alternatives, water bottles, and a note saying " Help yourself to a snack and drink and thank you for considering our home" can make a great impression on potential Celina, TX homebuyers.

Celina TX Real Estate Guide 2024 Conclusion

There is nowhere in the country that has as much to offer as Celina, Texas. From the phenomenal growth to the small town feel, Celina, TX is set to become one of the best cities in the country. All of the growth has caused Celina TX real estate to be one of the hottest commodities around. There is a strong market for pre-owned homes, for new construction and land. My belief is that if you want to live in a dynamic, amazing city with leadership that is shaping the future in an amazing way, Celina, Texas is the place to be.

I can help you grab the perfect place to live or sell your Celina, Texas home and find you another. It all starts with a call or a text: 214-783-5440 or email: Of course I can be found on YouTube, on the Ron Lyons Real Estate Show. and on Facebook and Instagram or the Podcast

Copyright 2024 Ron Lyons

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