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Access To Off Market Listings

These days there are many potential sellers who just don't want to go through the hassle and stress of listing their homes on the MLS and having multiple people and their agents walking through their life. In these cases, these potential sellers let me know that if I have any buyers that seem to be a good match for their home, then we can see what the options are. In other words, I know people who may sell, depending on the buyers offer, timing etc. These situations require lots of care to be sure that each party to the transaction is properly represented so we will always do that. For you, it means that my connections in the community can be potential homes for you to consider when you are in the market to buy.

"Different" Property Searches

The typical way an agent sends listings to a potential buyer is to add their name and email to an automated system along with a few "requirements" that the buyer wants. The agent then sits back and hopes that you call and say "hey, I really like this one..." (usually the agent doesn't even know which one you are referring to, as the list is sent out automatically.) 

With me, you will get a very different kind of "property search" meaning I will access every possible database and resource available to me and work hard (many hours) to find perfect matches for you. Then, I call the listing agent on any property that catches your interest and I find out even more about the listing.  Ultimately, you get a personally curated list of properties and homes that I have researched for you to make sure that you get exactly the perfect fit -and not some computer generated list that most agents send.

Preferred Collateral Real Estate Services

As you make the journey to your new home and new life, you will need more than just me working on your behalf. Typically, you may need a mortgage professional, a home inspector, perhaps a money manager or credit repair person and an incredible title company. Other possibilities are foundation, roof, plumbing, electrical, painting and flooring contractors. Sometimes you need these professionals to provide an estimate for us to use in negotiating a deal or so that you can plan for any upgrades or improvements you want to make after closing.

Although I do not have any financial or kick-back relationships with any of these collateral services, I do have long term relationships with each of them that has been fostered over the years. You will benefit from the collateral services you may need because each of these service providers never want to let me down. Each knows that I require a very high level of service for my clients and in every case, they deliver. Of course, there is never any pressure that you use anyone that I recommend. You may have your own service providers or preferred companies and I will go out of my way to work with anyone of your choosing. 

PRO TIP: Many times agents are approached by service providers and offered some form of benefit or "kick back" for recommending their services to the agent's clients.  These agents are supposed to disclose any of these relationships where they receive benefit on a specific form that you would then receive. Ron does not accept benefit or kickbacks from any service providers. 


One of the missing elements for so many "Realtors" and "agents" these days is negotiating strength. In fact, I have both written and spoken about this in my blog posts and on my podcasts. The simple truth is, most people DO NOT LIKE CONFRONTATION. This includes those who work in real estate. Unfortunately, confrontation is REQUIRED to be a top level master of real estate.

Thanks to my many years as a police officer, I simply do not mind confrontation. In fact, it doesn't even faze me anymore. Of course, we never want confrontation, but in order to be a top level negotiator, it is a requirement. Therefore, I have a major advantage over most real estate agents. They run from confrontation and I don't mind it one bit. 

In law enforcement, we call this strength and confidence "command presence." I certainly have lots of command presence when it comes to entering negotiation on your behalf. Personally, if I were about to negotiate one of the largest, most expensive things I may ever experience, I would want the strongest negotiator on my side. I certainly wouldn't want to FACE that! 

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