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So many times a home is in need of major updating or repairs to get it up to market sales price. With the cost of labor and materials, this is just not possible for many people who would otherwise love to move. If this scenario fits your situation, Ron may be able to help by buying your home directly. Be sure to submit the form on this page to get started with a cash offer from Ron Lyons.


PRO TIP: If your home in updated condition is listed on the market, the profit you make -after paying both sides of the agent commissions, would net you a certain dollar amount. For illustrative purposes, let's say that number is 75K. Now let's assume that your home needs serious updating to get it ready to sell, perhaps 50K in updates (again, a number just for illustrative purposes). If you don't have the 50K to put into the home and then pay commissions on top of that, you could sell the home to Ron without doing any repairs or updating at all plus he would rebate his full commission back to you with the goal being to get you the same amount of profit that you would have likely made by selling with all repairs completed and commissions paid.


Please note: in this case Ron would not be acting as your agent. If you wish to have representation, Ron can direct you to resources for locating a broker/agent. 

OR TEXT RON. 214-783-5440

Does Your Home Need Updating?

Homes are generally good for about 12 years before they need updating. Flooring, paint colors, appliances, light fixtures and such are only "in style" for a certain period of time. Any buyer who considers your home will absolutely have some level of an objection to buying your home since they will be imagining either hiring contractors or doing the work themselves. In both cases, this is a challenging objection to overcome and if there is another home the buyer likes equally, but has less updating required, that home will be the one they likely try to buy. 


Major Repairs Can Be Expensive

If a home needs a major repair such as a new roof, new fence or foundation repair (or maybe a combination of several major issues) then the cost of those repairs can skyrocket, plus, there is a fair amount of stress trying to coordinate repair companies, worry about who is coming and going in and out of your house. When you sell your house directly to Ron, you walk away, the home stays as it is, right where it is. A term we use called "as is, where is." 


Selling A Home Can Be Stressful

As much as Ron works hard to keep the stress level low for his buyers and sellers, there is always an inherent level of stress that comes along with doing a real estate transaction. Some people can handle that stress with ease, others may already have so much going on in their life that the idea of going through the traditional sales process seems like a nightmare. One of the benefits to selling your home directly to Ron is that there will not be a constant caravan of potential buyers, no open houses to be had, virtually nothing. Usually a home inspection is done, but that's a couple of hours and minimally stressful. It's a simple matter of pack up and walk away. This may be one of the least stressful ways to sell a home.


Make Me An Offer

To begin the process of getting an offer on your home, please take the time to fill out the information below. Ron will follow up ASAP. (There is no obligation created for either party by filling out this form.) 

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