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What should you expect when hiring Ron Lyons to list your home or property for sale? A lot. Check out the list of what Ron Lyons provides as your listing agent and how he is uniquely more qualified to deliver the results you want.

Video Creation

These days, if you don't have a 4K video created of your property, you are not going to be taken nearly as seriously. This is especially true when you are in the 850K plus range for a sales price. Granted, most agents use a cell phone or the free "virtual tour" images that their local MLS provides them for every listing, but these are really nothing more than a sequence of images of your property pushed together with some really awful B grade music played simultaneously. With Ron Lyons as your real estate pro, you will get a real, fully professionally edited 4K video of your property that will then be used on multiple social media platforms and in ads promoting your property across the country directly to your potential buyers.

Free High End Photography

When you choose to work with Ron Lyons, as a seller, you get free high end photography that will make your property look exceptional. As Ron so often talks about on The Ron Lyons Real Estate Show, the images of your home that potential buyers see online ARE the first impression they get. All too often other agents just snap photos with a cell phone or try to save money and use an economy photographer to create your images. In both cases, you lose showings and ultimately, you lose money. Ron chooses to work with only the best in the business and the results speak for themselves. Remember, you never pay for photography with Ron.

Featured Listing on

When you work with Ron Lyons as your listing agent, your property will get it's own featured page on his very popular real estate website. Other agents and big box real estate companies may list your property on their website, but usually it's in line with many other properties that are similar. Why provide competition for your home right on the website that is supposedly trying to sell your home? The answer is clear, the agents and these large companies want to sell whatever they can. If it's your property, great, but if a potential buyer wants another home that they saw on the website, that's totally ok too, unless your home was the one passed over. So, it's sounds great to say "your home will be on the XYZ website" but when it's lost in the mix, the value goes away. Ron will feature your home on it's own page and promote that page tirelessly.  The best part? You pay nothing for this, it's included when Ron lists your home for sale.

Featured on Zillow, & Others

Nearly all agents will add your listing to the big real estate sites so there's no extra benefit there, but where the difference is made is in the quality of the images submitted to these sites. Ron will always include the professionally shot images of your property when submitting to these websites.  PRO TIP: do not ever let an agent authorize either the "comments" or "automated pricing calculations" on any of these websites. Two things can happen to your listing, first, someone may come along and make really nasty comments about your home which may then bring others to join in and before you know it, your home appears as if no one likes it. Real buyers will be turned off by the negative comments and move on to the next listing. Second, the AVM or Automated Valuation Model pricing (if allowed by your agent) can be in error, showing your home or property to be worth LESS than it actually is. In some cases agents even use this as a negotiating tool to argue that a home is worth less than the listed price. 

Professional Open Houses

Most agents do Open Houses the same way. They show up, stick a sign in the yard and wait on potential buyers to show up. If buyers do show up, the agents can either harass them or ignore them often times. The right way to do an open house is to promote it days or weeks (depending on the property) before the Open House date. On that day, Ron Lyons will provide adequate signage without annoying the neighbors then stage the Open House with a full sensory experience. Remember that the first impression was made with the images Ron Lyons provided and marketed in all the right places where potential buyers are home searching. Our next, or second impression is the "in person" opportunity at the Open House. PRO TIP: This is your home's time to outshine all of the others. The drive up is critical, so we will have it looking amazing. Once inside the front door, there will be smells that invite (fresh baked cookies, clean laundry, the smell of a fireplace?) and sounds that make a person feel like they are in their new home. Perhaps it's classical or smooth jazz playing throughout the home? maybe it's George Strait. Your property will determine that but we will be sure it's there, welcoming every potential buyer. This process continues and we connect with every sense that a potential buyer has in some special and unique way. In the end, they aren't harassed, ignored or otherwise turned off. Instead, we will make sure they get a full, immersive experience when they visit your home. It's part of what makes Ron Lyons successful. He KNOWS how to sell houses.

Law Enforcement Level Negotiations

Real estate is funny in the sense that for many agents, it's a "fall back" career. It's what people do when they don't have many other options or when they are burned out on their true career. Not always, but many times. As such, Ron has had the opportunity to negotiate countless times as both a police officer and as a real estate pro. He has determined that most people simply DO NOT LIKE CONFLICT. It's uncomfortable for them. They avoid it. Sadly, if your agent is someone who avoids conflict, then it costs you money. Maybe LOTS of money. Certainly, most agents know how to fill in the blanks and file the paperwork, but that's about it. With Ron Lyons as your representative, you never have to worry about him avoiding conflict. Ron has faced criminals with weapons in really bad situations as a cop, so going toe to toe with another agent isn't even a close second. Don't get the wrong idea, Ron is beyond professional in his approach, but he knows what you want and he will work endlessly as a very seasoned negotiator to get that for you. The bottom line? Having Ron Lyons representing you in a real estate deal is definitely the proverbial "upper hand."

Wooden Hut

Hire Ron Lyons to Represent YOU.

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like addressed as you consider moving forward with selling your home or property, Contact Ron Lyons directly. You can use the chat box at the bottom right of the website, call, text or email him here.

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