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Are you from California or even another country? I can help you!

A family walkin down the street to a new home in Frisco, texas.

Moving To Frisco, Prosper or Celina Can Be A Scary, Exciting Adventure

Are you from California? Have you heard about all the growth taking place in Celina? Perhaps your job is relocating to the area like so many others have and you need a new home. Or, are you just ready for a fresh start in a growing and vibrant community? Whomever you are and whatever your story, I can help you.

I know that moving to a new area is fraught with lots of apprehension and excitement at the same time. In fact, it's probably best described as "a scary adventure." Perhaps you don't know many people here. Maybe you know nothing about the schools or what to do for fun. Ultimately, the alure of Celina is incredible, but at the same time, it can be intimidating to someone new to the area.

But here's the good news: I am more than equipped to help you. I understand the struggles you will face moving here and I have lots of experience helping both individuals and families successfully move to Celina, Texas.

Here's How I Can Help

  • I can meet with you virtually (Skype, Facetime, Messenger Video) to discuss your needs

  • I will tour homes for you and Facetime you from each one giving you a virtual tour

  • I will send you listings and data on all of the homes that seem to fit your needs

  • I will help you set up accommodations in the area if you decide to fly into town

  • I will make sure that you get everything set up that you need while here, including car rental, currency exchange and lots of guidelines on what to do for fun and dining

  • I will meet with you (and your family) and show you the city with all of its interesting points of interest, the highways, retail centers, schools parks and more

  • If a new home builder is a path you choose, I will go with you to each meeting and make sure that the entire process is handled in your favor

  • I will help you get set up with all of the collateral services such as finance, home inspection, movers and any other services you may need

  • I will continue to handle your transaction after you go back to your current home

  • I will meet with builders and handle "pre-construction" "design center" and other meetings in your place to carry out your requests if you choose a builder's home

  • I will follow up by sending pictures and video as often as you would like of your home being built or of any modifications made to a pre-existing home

  • I will meet with you again at the closing table and make sure that the entire closing goes as planned

  • After the transaction is complete, I will keep myself available to you for any issues or needs  post-closing

  • I will also be available to work as a consultant for any improvements that you need to make after the purchase such as updating bathrooms, repainting, building pergolas, etc.

  • Finally, I will remain available for any future needs that you may have and help anyone else that you know who wants to move to Celina, Texas!

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