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Celina TX Homes For Sale

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Celina TX homes for sale is one of the most researched terms on Google by people who are considering moving to Celina, Texas. In fact, you are likely one of those people and now you are reading this article because of your search. Read until the end and you will get what you are looking for, I promise.

The problem you're facing isn't so much finding that home you want, but rather muddling through the myriad of Realtors and agents that want your business. In one of my recent projects, I came across a bit of data that showed one agent per eight residents in North Texas. That's a lot of agents and plenty of room for variable skill and talent. Like similar professions, there are real estate agents that can perform the basic functions of the job, but couldn't get you into a better position in the market if their life depended on it. Then there are the "average" agents. These real estate agents do an ok job. They aren't skilled enough to set any records, but without knowing the difference between the skill level of agents, you'll walk away happy enough, never knowing what you could have achieved. Finally, of course, there's real estate pros who can amaze you.

The good news is that MOST agents and Realtors fall into the "average" category. They usually can get the paperwork done, they know how to stay out of trouble by not missing deadlines etc. -but the one thing they DON'T usually do well is truly negotiate on your behalf. You see, negotiating is "conflict" and by our very own human nature, we go out of our way to avoid conflict. However, if you are going to search "Celina TX homes for sale" then you are clearly researching a market where competition is strong and you need an agent or Realtor who doesn't mind conflict. In fact, if you truly want to find (then land) the best deal on a perfect home in Celina, you need someone representing you that actually ENJOYS negotiations and doesn't fear conflict at all.

An ideal personality would be a former police officer turned real estate pro. (I happen to know one if you need their information.) A person with this sort of personality is very familiar and even comfortable with conflict so that when you find either a homebuilder or private homeowner who is selling what you want, you go in fully set to win. You can not expect to get the same results from all agents. It's just not possible.

When you searched for Celina homes for sale, you probably discovered a dozen of the newest "trend" options such as OpenDoor, Zillow,, Redfin and others. In fact, they take up a large portion of the first page of search results on Google. This is because they are HUGE and list many properties for sale in Celina, Texas. The problem with them is that the information doesn't usually get updated fast enough to be current. Other times, a website such as Zillow will provide what is called an AVM (essentially an automated value determined by an algorithm) on a home that may be much higher or even much lower than the realistic value of a home for sale. This can very easily improperly redirect your path to success.

Here's an example: you decide to look in Celina, TX for homes for sale, so you go to Google, search "Celina TX homes for sale" and boom, up pops Zillow with a list of homes for sale in Celina. The first problem is that the list will likely be inaccurate enough to get your hopes up on homes that have already sold -they show as currently listed but, in fact, they sold long ago. The second problem is that you will see homes for sale in Celina TX with incorrect AVM pricing. If the pricing is too low on some homes for sale, you'll likely get your hopes up, only to find out that the homes for sale in Celina are really much more expensive. Of course, the opposite is true as well. If you discover homes for sale on a trendy website with an AVM incorrectly showing too high, you may never come to Celina, Texas to search for homes for sale at all.

So what's the solution? Think of it like any other service that you might want. For example, if you were considering getting in shape, you wouldn't want just any fitness trainer, you'd want the best. Not only would you WANT the best, but to get amazing results, you NEED the best. Certainly you can grab some trendy piece of equipment online or buy into some MLM scheme and have their "coaches" guide you, but there is no chance that either are going to come close to the results of a trainer who has mastered their profession and know EXACTLY what to do in order to get you the results you want. It's the same with real estate agents and Realtors. Just because they have a license doesn't mean that they have mastered their profession.

The latest trend with real estate agents and Realtors is to try to stand out by doing something outrageous to get your attention. I've seen everything from wrapped RV's (that's a nice advertising write off) to agents that will practically do a stand up routine in front of you. Of course, we've all seen the agents who interject the words "I'm a Realtor" into every conversation, at every opportunity -just in case you forgot within the last three minutes!

When you search Celina TX homes for sale, you may be looking for new construction or for new home builders as well. In this case, you absolutely need representation (again, really strong representation) when going into the new home buying process with a homebuilder. In Celina, Texas, you may find homes by DR Horton, Heritage Homes, Beazer Homes, Perry Homes, Lennar, First Texas and others. You will find options in Mustang Lakes, Cambridge Crossing, Glen Crossing, Light Farms, Carter Ranch and so many more. These communities are all fantastic, but they are well staffed by new home builders sales teams that are there to represent the new home builder and make huge profits.

Taking a real estate agent or Realtor with you when buying a new construction home in Celina is a step in the right direction, however, if you go in armed with the WRONG person representing you, the entire deal could fall through. Here's what I mean: I've seen situations where an agent was SO ANNOYING to the sales staff at one of the major homebuilders in Celina, TX that the sales team would go out of their way to discourage the agent from coming back to the community with any of her clients. In another case, there was an agent that was so motivated by the extra benefits afforded to him (bonus and entry into a drawing for a trip) by the homebuilder that he developed a very limited perspective of what was really right for the homebuyers. No matter what, taking the real estate agent or Realtor that will work endlessly for YOU is the way to go.

So where do you find homes for sale in Celina Texas? After all, that is what you came looking for, right? The answer is from a real estate agent or Realtor, (the one who knows what they are doing and has mastered their profession.) In my case, I certainly use the MLS to find homes for sale, BUT, I also network with as many people as I can who may be interested in selling their homes but who have not decided to list yet. The truth is that most of the best deals can be found by having a real estate professional who knows about the off market or coming soon homes for sale. Anyone can search the MLS, in fact, you can do it on this website. If you go to an average agent or Realtor, searching for Celina TX homes for sale, that's all you're likely to get from them, a basic MLS search followed by being set up on an auto-emailer that will send you listings as they appear on the MLS system. But, you can do better.

One of the fascinating things that I have discovered in real estate is that people tend to do business with "personalities." In other words, if you like a person, you'll be inclined to work with them, regardless of how functional/dysfunctional they are in actually helping you achieve your real estate goals. That strikes me as odd because you start searching for something (in this case Celina TX homes for sale) with a goal, and that goal isn't to land a semi friendship with a real estate person or to get some generic gift (valued at under $50, of course, per law) after closing. At least, most people don't start their searches looking for that.

In this day and age, at a time when we value "social" benefits more than economic benefits, these inefficient agents can (and DO) succeed. After enough people start to brag about how great these real estate agents are, it becomes accepted fact that they are really good at what they do. The truth is, they are great at doing the social thing -tons of Facebook images, going to events to be seen and talked about, taking clients out for drinks or dinner and generally make you feel like their friend. But, the other truth is that when it comes time to get you the highest price for your home or to negotiate the price of one you are buying, they fail, and YOU fail.

I know, this is a harsh topic to consider. It's not popular to say that some people aren't that great at what they do in a day when everyone is supposed to be considered "awesome." I'll leave it up to you to decide what you want. Remember, that statistic I found was eight residents to every one real estate agent. In fact, you probably know more real estate agents and Realtors than you know people of any other profession.

My advice? Choose wisely. It matters MORE than most homebuyers know.

If you want someone who will absolutely scour every available resource for you to find the best Celina TX homes for sale, call or text me. Not only will I work endlessly to find what you are looking for, I'll also negotiate it in a way that's too uncomfortable for most. But guess what, you win.

PS -if it makes you feel better, I can do some selfies with you for Facebook and send you a bottle of wine or a cutting board with your name on it when we close! Heck, I'll even tell the world you're my new bestie.

Here's A List Of Homebuilders In Celina Tx.

Ron Lyons


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