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Welcome to the most comprehensive real estate guide for Celina, Texas. This guide deals very specifically with Celina, Texas, however many of the elements can be applied to real estate in other areas. Ron Lyons spent many countless hours creating this guide with the hopes that it can provide remarkable help with your real estate goals. If you would like to share this document, please use the following link. Please note that this guide is intended for potential clients of Ron Lyons and not for use by -and may not be copied or modified by other real estate agents without the express written consent of Ron Lyons.

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Homes For Sale In Celina, TX With Land

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Homes for sale in Celina, TX with land. It sounds so awesome doesn't it? Grabbing a place in a small town with LAND. But is it that great? Let's talk about that and find out. After all, there must be some negatives to owning a home in Celina, Texas with land, right?

First and foremost, how much land do you want? The search "homes for sale in Celina, TX with land" doesn't tell me how much land we're talking about. For some, that would be a home for sale situated on an acre. For others, perhaps the term "land" means fifty acres. When my family decided to move to Celina, it meant twelve acres. The term "ranchette" is what they call it. Technically, it was a home for sale in Celina, TX with land. And for me, it's amazing. BUT, there are things to consider before making the decision to buy a home for sale in Celina.


One of the most important things to consider when looking at homes for sale in Celina, Texas, especially with land, is the amount you will pay in property taxes. Currently, the rate in Celina is 2.55%. This rate is not the lowest in North Texas, but it's far from the highest. In fact, Little Elm (Denton ISD portion) Argyle, Coppell and others are all higher. However, the offset is the extraordinary property values in Celina that have been, and are expected to continue to rise. In essence, you are making an investment every time you purchase real estate. The higher the value, the higher the taxes. If you stop right there and say 'oh, I don't want higher taxes" then fine. But, the part of that statement you are also silently making is "and I don't want a higher value property with tons of equity. I also don't want a much higher resale value or an asset I can borrow against." Think about it. You're paying a LITTLE more in taxes, but gaining MUCH more.

When you search for homes for sale in Celina, TX with land, remember that anything over an acre is going to start opening up to "agricultural exemptions.' As a side note, there isn't really an "agriculture exemption" but rather a different way of valuing land based on it's agricultural productivity rather than it's market value. However, it is commonly referred to as an "agriculture exemption.

For example, take my twelve acres in Celina. Since we have a certain number of livestock and since we grow hay on all of the property, we have an agricultural exemption on eleven of the acres. The tax for this eleven acres is considerably less than it would be if the land were not used for growing hay, livestock etc. This is something to take into consideration.


When you live in a more rural area, or on a property in a city like Celina, TX with land, you will likely have more of a rural set of utility providers. In my case, we are part of an electric co-op for electricity. As far as billing, rates and service, one would be hard pressed to find any differences between a rural co-op and an urban power provider.

Another thing to consider is when searching for homes for sale in Celina, TX with land is the water service. There is a "special utility district" or SUD, for water which essentially means we don't get "city" water. An SUD is primarily created for the purposes of providing water and possibly sewage, trash collection and fire services to areas that are not easily serviced by a city. These districts may be in the ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction) of a nearby city or even within that city's corporate city limits. In my personal experience, the SUD rates for services such as water are usually much lower than the "city" water rates.

When you live in a more rural area, it is completely possible to have a water well on your property. At times this can serve as a primary source of water or it can be used for irrigation and ranch or farm purposes. Having a well means there is a certain amount of maintenance that comes along with it. Generally speaking, they require minimal care, but when a well pum