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Welcome to the most comprehensive real estate guide for Celina, Texas. This guide deals very specifically with Celina, Texas, however many of the elements can be applied to real estate in other areas. Ron Lyons spent many countless hours creating this guide with the hopes that it can provide remarkable help with your real estate goals. If you would like to share this document, please use the following link. Please note that this guide is intended for potential clients of Ron Lyons and not for use by -and may not be copied or modified by other real estate agents without the express written consent of Ron Lyons.

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The Celina Texas Chamber of Commerce

The Celina Texas Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting the growth and success of businesses and the community of Celina, Texas. The Chamber was established in 1986, and since then, it has been actively working towards improving the city's economic, civic, and cultural development.

The Chamber of Commerce serves as a bridge between local businesses, government, and the community, providing resources, networking opportunities, and support to ensure the city's prosperity. Through various events and programs, the Chamber of Commerce has significantly contributed to the growth and development of Celina, Texas.

The Celina Texas Chamber of Commerce hosts several events throughout the year, promoting community involvement, encouraging networking, and fostering business growth. These events bring together business owners, community members, and visitors, providing a platform to interact and share ideas.

One of the significant events hosted by the Chamber of Commerce is Oktoberfest, held annually in October. This event attracts thousands of visitors from all over Texas, offering food, music, and family-friendly entertainment. Celina Oktoberfest is an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services and gain exposure to a broad audience by setting up vendor booths around the downtown square during the event.

The Downtown Celina Wine Crawl has been an excellent addition to the Celina Chamber of Commerce's community functions and events list. Each year many of the downtown merchants and businesses open their doors to local wineries that set up shop and allow wine crawlers" to come to sample their wine. Of course, each participant is encouraged to shop at each merchant's store to find wonderful Celina area gifts and products.

The Chamber of Commerce also hosts the Celina Friday Night Market, a monthly event bringing local vendors, artists, and businesses together to sell their products and services. The Friday Night Market is a perfect opportunity for local companies to connect with the community and promote their brand.

The Chamber of Commerce is also involved in various community outreach programs, such as the Christmas Cops. The Chamber partners with the Celina Police Department to provide holiday gifts to underprivileged children. The Chamber also supports the Celina Independent School District by offering scholarships to graduating seniors and hosting an annual teacher appreciation luncheon.

Leadership Celina is one of the latest additions to the Celina Chamber's offerings. This group class teaches local business owners how to become better leaders within the community. The course lasts approximately one year and comprises Celina citizens who apply for positions within each class.

The Celina Texas Chamber of Commerce also offers resources and support to local businesses, helping them succeed and grow. The Chamber provides a business directory highlighting its members and their services and delivers workshops and training sessions on marketing, social media, and customer service. The Chamber also hosts monthly luncheons and networking events, allowing members to connect and share ideas.

In addition to the events and programs mentioned above, the Celina Texas Chamber of Commerce is involved in many other initiatives, including promoting tourism in the city, advocating for pro-business policies, and working with city officials to attract new businesses to the area.

The Celina Texas Chamber of Commerce is a vital organization in the community, working towards the growth and prosperity of local businesses and the city as a whole. The events and programs hosted by the Chamber provide opportunities for businesses to connect with the community and for residents to engage with their city. The Chamber's dedication to supporting local businesses and fostering economic development significantly contributes to the success and growth of Celina, Texas.

You can reach the Celina Chamber of Commerce at:


110 S. Preston Rd

Suite B

Celina, TX 75009

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