How To Sell or Buy a Home During The Pandemic

Everything Has Changed

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 and Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything about how we all do life. One area that has been significantly affected is the real estate industry. The fact is, real estate has traditionally been a very hands-on service. When listing a home for sale, meeting in person to discuss the process of listing your home, doing paperwork, allowing (and even promoting) home tours and so much more have always been the way of modern real estate. On the other side of a real estate transaction, going on a home search is also traditionally a very hands-on service. 

These days, that has all changed. The harsh reality is that many real estate agents are simply not doing business right now. The whole concept of trying to work around or through the current crisis is just too much for them to figure out. There are also agents who are throwing caution to the wind and proceeding with real estate in the traditional sense which is undoubtedly exposing their clients and others in the community to an increased risk.

What Can Be Done?

The good news is that in many ways, Ron Lyons was prepared in advance for this pandemic and is very suited to working during this crisis when many other agents are falling out of the business. As an example. Ron has been doing high-end virtual tours of homes for many years. As a pro videographer and video editor, Ron can create incredible virtual tours of your home with ease. Granted, many agents are now walking through houses and holding up a cell phone and shooting very unprofessional, wobbly and unedited video for the same purpose, but the results are just not the same. 

Another area that Ron Lyons excels during the current crisis is in the area of harnessing modern technology to make signing paperwork and even closing on homes a "contactless" activity. That's right, closings can now be done remotely from the comfort and safety of your own home online or in a "drive-by" closing whereby you sign all documents in your car in the title company parking lot.  

But how are open houses handled? Ron has numerous brilliant techniques that he uses to conduct open houses. First, a virtual open house is possible whereby he meets the interested parties through a virtual meeting application and walks the potential buyers through the house and shows them everything they want to see.  

When we do have someone serious about making an offer on your home, they will likely want to see it in person. During those times we will have a form to be submitted by each person wishing to enter the house that determines if they may have been exposed to Coronavirus. We will also require an "at the door" check of temperature. We can require masks and limit the number of people inside the home as you wish. Further, we have an ozone machine and can fully disinfect areas of your home if need be.

When we need to see homes, Ron will go and preview the home for you taking numerous photos and actually streaming the walkthrough live so that you can see the home from the comfort of home either on a phone or computer. When we need to sign any paperwork, we will do all of it online and "contactless." 

There are numerous options available to us with regard to selling and buying homes. Combine that with Ron's expert marketing ability and a full team of contractors, mortgage professionals, and connections with other real estate related professionals, and you have a winning combination, even with the current crisis.

Additional Selling Options During Crisis:


  • Create virtual tours of your home

  • Use technology to show the home to potential buyers

  • Sign all documents online

  • Hold virtual open houses

  • Require medical screening questionnaires of potential buyers

  • "At the door" temperature checks

  • Conduct online closings or drive-by closings

  • Use of an ozone machine to disinfect a home

Additional Buying Options During Crisis:

  • Tour homes for you and live stream to your own devices

  • Take numerous photos and videos of the home for you

  • Sign all paperwork online and "contactless"  

  • Conduct a virtual or drive-by closing

If you want to sell and/or buy a home, it can absolutely be done, however, many agents are not equipped to handle this crisis which ultimately means you lose in some way. Perhaps you lose service but more likely it will end up costing you money in some manner. Reach out to Ron Lyons and find out just how easily he can handle your real estate needs during this crisis.