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How Moving To The Country Saved My Life

Updated: Sep 25, 2022


Sounds crazy, but moving to the Three Strands Ranch in Celina, Texas has absolutely added years to my life. You see, I was one of those workaholic (I still am) people who spent so much time on the computer doing real estate, editing videos and such that my step count each day had dropped to a record low of about 3500 per day. Part of the issue is a wrecked back that has plagued me for years now and the fact that so much work is done from home.

Luckily, about a year ago now, my wife and I took on the challenge of the 12 acre ranch in north Celina complete with a cow, a bull, two horses, two donkeys, two ducks, three goats, nine dogs, seven pigs and a pet mouse. Needless to say, our life is crazy and chaotic. There is always a mouth to feed, a pile of something to pick up (usually by the multiples of wheelbarrows full) and tons of mowing and projects that take most of our free time.

I'm on a first name basis with the folks at Tractor Supply and D & L (the local feed store) and I have more pairs of boots and hats than you can imagine. There's hay guys, septic people, a propane guy and more that make regular visits to the ranch. Thankfully, all of these services are readily available in Celina, Texas.

Every week I throw bales of three string Coastal hay, lug around countless 50 pound bags of feed, drag water hoses all over the place and more. My days start as the sun comes up and rarely end early. To some, that may sound like a lot of work and something they wouldn't want to do. To others, like me, it's gold. I mean seriously, it's amazing. It's some of the hardest, labor intensive work I've ever done, and I love it.

Now, each day on the ranch I walk about 14 thousand steps and burn an inordinate amount of calories. I consume water like crazy and have plenty of bruises, bites and scars to show for it. But, I also have something many people never get to experience. I have the smell of fresh country air. I get real rainbows, the kind that you see only in pictures that someone else took. I get clouds and sunsets like most never get. But that's only part of the benefits I am getting.

Because of the demands of ranch life, I am now able to lift the weight of feed bags on my shoulders, lug them 500 feet to drop them off and then go grab another. Stairs used to destroy my back with pain and my heart would just pound. Not now. It's different. Instead of looking at something physically challenging and thinking "Oh no, how will I do this?" I say to myself "Sweet, let's get it." Such a huge change for me. In weeks passed, I sat in a chair and worked because everything hurt. Now everything hurts in a different and wonderful way, and the chair, well, it still gets it's time, but I'm so much more efficient now.

We've had the opportunity for some time now to hire someone full time to come in and take over the physical work at the ranch here in Celina, but I don't think Ill be doing that, not anytime soon. This hard work is saving my life, one day at a time, and I'm loving it.

Perhaps most people never really consider the other benefits that come along with owning a ranch and putting in serious hard work, but I have to say, the unspoken benefits are some of the greatest! I consider myself the "move to the country" specialist because it's something I have done for myself and something I want to help others accomplish. In my past I've lived in the M Streets, lived in upscale four level condos and more, but nothing compares to good ole country living.

If you are ready to make the move like I have, reach out to me. Maybe it will save your life too. Oh, and if you want to read a bit more about Celina Homes For Sale In Celina TX With Land, then read this post.

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