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Welcome to the most comprehensive real estate guide for Celina, Texas. This guide deals very specifically with Celina, Texas, however many of the elements can be applied to real estate in other areas. Ron Lyons spent many countless hours creating this guide with the hopes that it can provide remarkable help with your real estate goals. If you would like to share this document, please use the following link. Please note that this guide is intended for potential clients of Ron Lyons and not for use by -and may not be copied or modified by other real estate agents without the express written consent of Ron Lyons.

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What is it like living in Celina, Texas?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

What is it like living in Celina, Texas? Well, Celina, Tx is like living in a modern day Mayberry. It's like living in a small town that has an energy and a "vibe" that screams MODERN. Yep, that's right, Celina, Texas is a very unique combination of the best parts of our past seasoned with a really amazing flair for the future. How can this be? Read on, I'll tell you.

First of all, when people ask "What is it like living in Celina, Texas?" they are usually perplexed by the bits and pieces they hear from friends or read online such as "Celina, Texas Set For Explosive Growth" at one end of the spectrum followed by "Join Us Friday Night On The Celina Square For Movie Night." One can easily see how the two headlines seem to contradict. But, they actually don't. Celina is EXACTLY that: the place where you can watch a movie on the downtown square on a Friday night and still see a record number of homebuilders scouting out century old farmland for the next big development.

Living In Celina, Texas: The People

Of course the people, the citizens and residents of Celina, TX are what makes this amazing city all that it is. The reality is that most of us were not born and raised here. Personally I got here in 1993 so, over half my life ago. And, as you may have read in this article, Celina has changed, ALOT. It seems that most of us "Celinians" have arrived more recently, many of us within the last 5 years or so. But here's the thing, the SPIRIT of Celina has been alive and well for over 100 years now. It's that same spirit that resonates within all of us. It's the "small town Celina, Texas" thing.

My stepmom was a Celina resident back in the 1950's and she has had lengthy conversations with me about how it was back in those days, basically what it was like living in Celina, Texas back then. And you know what? It's really hasn't changed much. The community has always been something special, something unique -and it's always centered around the goodness of the people who have lived in Celina, TX for generations.

One measure of the goodness of the people who call Celina, Texas home is how many of us still wave at each other as we pass each other on the road. Yep, that's right, a wave, a gesture. It means everything. Imagine if the entire world still cared enough to slow down and acknowledge one another with such a simple gesture. It would be a much better world. Truth is, Celina, Texas still has a lot of this goodness.

Living In Celina, Texas: The Location

Imagine living in Celina, TX back when Preston Rd. was just two lanes and no one knew what existed beyond Plano. There were no real options for dining, no great roads to get you quickly into Dallas and not a whole lot to do. But, what was great, was the fact that Celina was so far out of Dallas that you fully escaped the hassle and stress associated with living in the inner city. So it was a trade off, live in the country but give up some of the conveniences that you get in the city.

Fast forward to today and guess what? Celina is located on the North Dallas Tollway and Preston Road has been widened to handle lots of cars. And, there are TONS of places to eat and shop now -with more on the way! So today you can get the "country life" and the conveniences too. It's great. No, it's BETTER than great.

Some of the restaurants in Celina include Toasted Walnut, Lucy's On The Square, Tender Smokehouse, A Taste of Rome, Papa Gallo's Mexican Restaurant, Bongo Beaux's Cajun, Jimbo's Pizza and many more. We have Summer Moon Coffee and even a Starbucks. Of course there are the usual fast food places like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Sonic, Subway and Dominoes as well. So what is it like living in Celina, Texas? Well there are no shortages of eating places and so many more are on the way!

Living In Celina, Texas: The City Government

One of the things that can make or break a growing city or town in the vision and leadership of its local government. In the case of Celina, Texas, the vision is grand and the leadership is literally ushering in this fantastic vision for the future of Celina. In fact, many people believe that there is a reason new Celina residents and businesses are bypassing Prosper, Texas and coming straight to Celina and that is the city leadership.