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Welcome to the most comprehensive Real Estate Blog in existence that focuses solely on Celina, Texas. My blog deals very specifically with Celina, Texas. I have spent many countless hours writing each post with the hopes that they can provide remarkable help with your Celina real estate goals. It helps us and this site greatly if you comment and especially share the posts that you like on your social media!  Also, the link below is for my super comprehensive Celina Real Estate Guide. Please feel free to download it. (Please note that the guide is not for use or re-print by other real estate agents.)


Moving To Celina, Texas Guide 2024

  •  Confirm moving date and details with your chosen moving company.

  •  Arrange for transportation for yourself, family members, and pets on moving day.

  •  Start packing items you use infrequently.

  •  Schedule a final walk-through of your current home with your landlord or real estate agent.

  •  Return any borrowed items and collect items you've loaned out.

2 Weeks Before Moving:

  •  Finish packing non-essential items.

  •  Confirm travel arrangements for moving day.

  •  Transfer or close bank accounts if moving to a new city or state.

  •  Notify healthcare providers and pharmacies of your move and obtain copies of medical records.

  •  Dispose of hazardous materials such as cleaning supplies, paint, and propane tanks.

1 Week Before Moving:

  •  Pack a suitcase with essentials for the first few days in your new home.

  •  Confirm details with the moving company and provide contact information.

  •  Empty and defrost refrigerator/freezer.

  •  Set aside important documents, valuables, and medications to keep with you during the move.

  •  Clean your current home and perform any necessary repairs.

  •  Say goodbye to neighbors and friends.

Moving Day:

  •  Check all rooms, closets, and storage spaces to ensure nothing is left behind.

  •  Supervise movers and provide instructions for fragile or valuable items.

  •  Take final meter readings and photographs of your old home.

  •  Lock all doors and windows, and return keys to landlord or real estate agent.

  •  Arrive at your new home ahead of the moving truck, if possible, to oversee unloading.

  •  Direct movers where to place furniture and boxes in your new home.

After Moving:

  •  Unpack essential items and set up utilities and services in your new home.

  •  Register your vehicle and update your driver's license and vehicle registration if moving to a new state.

  •  Explore your new neighborhood and familiarize yourself with local amenities and services.

  •  Register to vote and update your voter registration address if necessary.

  •  Update your address with the post office, banks, insurance providers, and other important contacts.

  •  Take time to relax and celebrate your successful move to Celina, Texas!

Utilities and Local Government Important Numbers:

  1. Utility Services:

  • Celina Water Department: Contact: (972) 382-2682

  • Oncor Electric Delivery: Contact: 1-888-313-4747

  • Atmos Energy: Contact: 1-888-286-6700

  • AT&T Fiber Customer Service: 1-877-777-0874

  • AT&T Fiber Sales and Orders: 1-866-861-6075

  1. Government Services:

  • City of Celina Official Website: City of Celina Official Website, Phone: (972) 382-2682

  • Celina Police Department: Emergency: 911, Non-Emergency: (972) 382-2121

  • Celina Fire Department: Emergency: 911, Non-Emergency: (972) 382-2653

  • Collin County Tax Assessor-Collector: Phone: (972) 547-5020

  1. School District:

  • Celina Independent School District (CISD): CISD Official Website, Phone: (469) 742-9100

  • CISD Transportation Department: Phone: (469) 742-9104

  • CISD Parent Portal: CISD Parent Portal

  1. Community Services:

  1. Healthcare Services:

  • Celina Medical & Wellness Center: Phone: (972) 382-9995

  • Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - McKinney: Phone: (469) 764-1000

  1. Transportation:

  1. Local News and Information:

  1. Emergency Contacts:

  • 911: Emergency services for police, fire, and medical emergencies.

  • Celina Police Department Non-Emergency: (972) 382-2121

  • Celina Fire Department Non-Emergency: (972) 382-2653

Moving Companies:

  1. First Choice Moving

  1. Rescue Moving Services

  1. Firehouse Movers

  1. Einstein Moving Company - Frisco

  • Location: 2595 Dallas Pkwy #300, Frisco, TX 75034

  • Phone: (469) 342-4342

  • Website: Einstein Moving Company - Frisco

  1. AB Moving & Storage

  • Location: 10525 King William Dr, Dallas, TX 75220

  • Phone: (214) 644-6683

  • Website: AB Moving & Storage

  1. Eagle Movers

  • Location: 1451 S Elm St #500, Carrollton, TX 75006

  • Phone: (469) 606-2533

  • Website: Eagle Movers

  1. Element Moving and Storage

  1. Apex Moving + Storage

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