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Is Celina, TX a Good Place To Live?

Is Celina, TX a good place to live? No. It's a GREAT place to live! As evidenced by the incredible growth, Celina, TX make the top of the list for many people every month. With an astounding 50.8% growth between 2015 and 2019 (as reported by Dallas Business Journal) Celina, TX has already become home to thousands of new residents. Of course, I am now considered an "old timer" around here because I actually made it to Celina in the early 90's. If you want to read more about my own personal journey to Celina, Texas, then you may want to read this post.

Is Celina, TX a Good Place To Live: A Few Reasons Why

So what is it that makes people ask "Is Celina, TX a good place to live?" For one thing, the growth from Frisco up through Prosper and into Celina has brought many new employers to the area and lots of retail. Back in the days when a person would have to drive a long distance to get to work are now over with so many local employment options now available. That, combined with the emergence of more "work from home" opportunities has really helped put Celina, TX on the map. The often asked question: if you don't HAVE to drive, then where would you want to live? is now more common than ever, and the answer is often Celina, Texas.

Perhaps getting away from the traffic, hustle and bustle of the larger urban and over-populated suburban areas is another driving factor for those asking 'is Celina, TX a good place to live?' Honestly, traffic for me is a life thief. I absolutely abhor traffic. All traffic. I dislike lines, waiting rooms and sitting still on a road. These days, about the only traffic I face is when I travel into the big cities or when McDonalds is having their morning rush and I am chasing down a coffee.

So, like many, I claim that better employment and less traffic are some of the bigger driving forces to answer "is Celina, TX a good place to live?" But, to me, there's so much more. One thing that is super clear to me after having spoken to so many people that I have helped move to Celina, TX is the desire to escape "mental traffic." Yep, I said it. Mental traffic. If's wanting to change your life and escape lots of mental stress. You know what I mean? To get to that more idealistic, slower kind of Mayberry kind of life, except more modern. Right now, that's Celina, Texas and part of the reason I love it.

Let me expand on the concept of escaping mental traffic. You see, many of the old-time Celina, TX residents still wave or lift a few fingers from the steering wheel when they pass you. It's a small town thing. For me it's a tell-tale sign of who has been here a long time and who just moved here. Seriously, it's crazy but true. You have to think what. kind of world we could have if everyone was more friendly. Of course, I have lived in Dallas, close to downtown -and I loved it. But, so, so many times I received the lifted finger. One. The middle one. Not OK and not the kind of temperament you usually find in Celina, TX.

If you grew up in any sort of smaller town or city, you probably remember Friday night football. In Celina, football is still king. Seriously, is Celina, TX a good place to live? Well, think Friday Night Lights. The real deal. The tough, but amazing head coach that changes kids lives, the football stadium lit up Friday night like the Super Bowl is in town, huge round hay bales all along the major roadway painted Celina, Texas orange and white. You get the picture.

How about a real downtown "square"? Yep, Celina, Texas baby. And guess what? The city puts on downtown markets, Movie Nights, Cajun Fest, and so much more. It seems as though everyone shows up at these events as well as so many local vendors. Maybe one of the most endearing things about doing things downtown is that it's not at all uncommon to see some local resident riding through town on their horses. It's the best.

Is Celina, TX a Good Place To Live: Housing

People who ask "is Celina, TX a good place to live?" may also be wondering about housing. Well, Celina actually issued more residential building permits than neighboring Frisco, TX. Additionally, there is quite the mix of available housing in Celina, Texas. For example, there are homes that are over 100 years old all the way up to homes that are being built as you read this. Builders such as Perry, Newport, DR Horton, Highland, Coventry, MI and more. There are parts of town that were built out starting at the beginning of the 1900's into the modern day, and every year in between.

Celina, Texas also has its share of ranches, farms and homes with acreage. In fact, I love to help people find these options. Somehow, getting out into the country and having some space is life changing. But that's the point, there are so many options available to people who dream of getting away from the urban and suburban messes that exist closer to Dallas. Folks who want an acre or those who prefer 10 or more can find their dream homes in Celina, Texas.

In my opinion, one should purchase real estate in a manner that will likely reward them in the future with a greatly increased property value as well as years and years of enjoyment. Most assuredly, when a person asks 'is Celina, TX a good place to live?" Part of what leads to my resounding "Yes!" is this wonder full prospect of future property values and the likelihood of many years of getting to do "life" in this wonderful city.

Is Celina, TX a Good Place To Live: The Schools?

If you have school aged kids then the local ISD in any city or town you consider will likely be of concern, and rightfully so! In the 2018-2019 school year, the Texas Education Agency rated the Celina ISD "A" which is the highest designation. There were no ratings for the next school year in Texas due to the pandemic. However, in spite of the recent pandemic, Celina ISD is still one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas.

Celina, Texas is currently served by Celina Primary School, Lykins Elementary, O'Dell Elementary, Celina Middle School and Celina High School. Teachers have an average career experience of over 12 years and the students currently average 99% graduating. In other words, Celina teachers are amazing and the school district rocks.

Home of the infamous Celina Bobcats, the pride and passion that runs through the entire school district is immense. I have lived in quite a few places, but I have never seen such local enthusiasm over the kids and their sports as I do in Celina. Of course, the Celina ISD is at the heart of this local love and it shows. Let's just say this, if you aren't a youth sports fan when you move here, you soon will be!

Is Celina, TX a Good Place To Live: Dining

Celina, Texas has more than a handful of great places to eat. In fact, I'd say that we have some FANTASTIC places to eat. I recently released my Top 4 Favorite Restaurants List, but the truth is, I could have made it a Top 10 list because there are that many great restaurants in this still small town.

If you like barbecue, we have Tender Smokehouse. For the Americana lover, there's Lucy's On The Square. Want a more "trendy" meal? Grab some Toasted Walnut. But, there are many more. We have Mexican, Cajun, Asian and others as well as a good handful of fast food places.

Needless to say, Celina, Texas is a great place to live for many reasons, more than ten of those reasons are the local restaurants.


Is Celina, TX a good place to live? Nope, it's much, much better than "good." The reality is that one day down the road, maybe 30 years from now, Celina will be like the current day Frisco. But, until the masses get to Celina, it is THE place to live in North Texas. Start packing and remember, wave at other drivers. It's the Celina, Texas thing to do. Oh, and I'll see ya at either Movie Night or at a football game.

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