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Celina Homes For Sale By Owner

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Celina Homes For Sale By Owner is the phrase searched most often by those who wish to find the "one off" home for sale that no one else knows about...yet. And, while this is a seemingly good way to approach purchasing a home, it may end up being a less than wonderful experience. There are many traps that a homebuyer (and home seller) can fall into when attempting a real estate transaction on their own. So, before searching Celina homes for sale by owner, read all the way to the end and learn about all of the potential pitfalls and how to navigate them.

Real Estate Forms Are Cheap, Or Are They?

First and foremost, understanding "why" a person would attempt to complete a fora sale by owner transaction is required. Usually, the primary reason for doing a FSBO (Fizbo, or For Sale By Owner) is the attempt to save money, specifically, the commission paid to the listing agent and possibly, the buyers agent in a real estate deal. Currently, commissions are fully negotiable in Texas, but the common practice is for 6% of the sales price, usually split 3 percent to the seller's agent or realtor and 3 percent to the buyer's agent or Realtor. In the effort to save money, anyone listing Celina homes for sale by owner ostensibly could save all or part of the commissions and therefore increase their bottom line in the deal.

Of course, this concept of saving money by doing a for sale by owner deal isn't quite that easy. Here's why: first of all, money can be lost by using forms, contracts, and paperwork that isn't time and court tested. In essence, downloading a generic agreement or purchase contract from the internet or copying one that was in use years ago can easily lead to a lack of clarity or a disagreement over what was intended by either side in the transaction. Texas real estate agents (licensed salespersons) have access to and a certain level of understanding of forms promulgated by the Texas Real Estate Commission and by other real estate related entities such as the National Association of Realtors or the Texas Association of Realtors.

By using forms that have been time tested and of which have gone through real world testing in courts across the state, the likelihood of falling into a situation whereby a court would have to get involved (and the subsequent financial expenditure) are minimized. Also, by using a real estate agent or Realtor who is familiar with these promulgated forms and their proper application, a seller or buyer is in even better position to avoid liabilities in a real estate transaction.

Understanding How Real Estate Transactions Work

Another important concern when searching or listing a Celina home for sale by owner is the level of comprehension of the current real estate function and protocols. What I mean is that you may have a home for sale by owner listed at 400K. Perhaps, thanks to the market being so aggressive, one of the offers that the seller/homeowner receives is for 600K. The offer seems like an amazing deal, until the appraisal is done and the home values at a number closer to the listed price. If the homeowner does not understand the intricacies of a real estate transaction, they may not understand that no bank will do a loan for higher than appraised value except in very few special situations.

When the appraised value of a home comes in lower than an offer and a loan isn't possible, the homeowner/seller is then faced with lowering the price of the home to accommodate the appraised value or to try and find a buyer who can either pay cash or who has enough liquid capital that they can do a waiver to the appraisal. In other words, the bank will still do the loan for a lesser amount as related to the appraised value, but the buyer can make up the difference in cash. These buyers are clearly harder to find and are generally well versed on the ins and outs of the market. In other words, most of these buyers are savvy enough that they wouldn't offer over value to some great extent in the first place.

Winning At Negotiations Equals Winning At Real Estate

Simply put, a non-real estate savvy person listing a Celina home for sale by owner probably will not win at the negotiating table. The fact is, there are simply too many variables and concerns that need to be addressed and negotiated in a real estate transaction. In fact, the possibilities of haw many different elements can be negotiated in either a positive or negative way is endless.

Say for example a person has decided to list their Celina home for sale by owner. Perhaps an offer comes in on Friday with a ten day option period. If the offer is accepted by the homeowner/seller, then TWO weekends will be tied up under option period. This isn't a good scenario for the owner in most cases as weekends tend to be the most busy with people looking for homes to buy. Now, two weekends are tied up. If I were negotiating, I would hold the potential buyer to a much shorter option period and certainly not give up two prime weekends.

Another example might be when a person listing a Celina home for sale by owner gets an offer, especially a first or early offer, either over-excitement or fear can take over and force a seller into taking an offer structured in such a way as to not be safe or advantageous to the seller. Perhaps the offer is lower than desired, or, maybe the buyer has to sell an existing home first in order to purchase the home listed for sale by owner. In both cases, if the seller doesn't have knowledge of the market and the negotiating skills necessary to restructure the deal, then the seller loses.

Ultimately, negotiation comes down to having a strong volition and not fearing going toe to toe with another person, in this case wither a buyer's agent or the buyer themselves. As I have said many, many times, people hate conflict. Negotiations are conflict by their very nature, In my case, I am well trained in negotiations due to my previous experience in law enforcement. Personally, conflict doesn't even start to concern me. In fact, I have learned to use conflict and the energy it produces to propel me even further in a deal. However, most people simply do not like conflict. If the Realtor or agent representing the buyer has gone through many other real estate transactions, then they may have the upper hand when dealing with the owner of a Celina home for sale. When the other side has a negotiating advantage, your side loses. Loses what? Lots of things, potentially, but most likely, money. If you want to read a bit more about the fear of conflict by many agents, check out my blog post Celina Texas Homes For Sale.

Stress Has A Price Tag And It Ain't Cheap

Celina homes for sale by owner (and most homes for sale by owner) always come with a price that is paid for in stress. When a home is listed for sale by owner, there is no Captain of the ship helping navigate the entire process, as in, there is no real estate agent. Every single issue or problem that comes down the line lands 100 percent on the home seller. Depending on the depth of the problem, the stress may be super high and typically makes the seller wonder why they tried to sell the home on their own.

There are a myriad of dates, protocols and such that must be met or followed. Buyers change their minds about purchases, or they decide to change the terms of a purchase at times. Perhaps something happens to the home while going through the selling process. What should the seller do? There are so many potential problems and every single real estate deal is different from the rest.

Most of the issues that come up during a real estate transaction seem to arrive at the most inopportune time. Of course, on the same day a buyer decides that they want to change the terms of a deal, you are already dealing with a car that won't start, a sick kid, or problems at work. It's the way it seems to go many times. All of this stress adds up and makes for a real challenge; a challenge that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

Celina Homes For Sale By Owner Issues Go Both Ways

As much stress as there is for a home owner or home seller in a home for sale by owner deal, there is also lots of potential for stress and problems for the buyer of a home for sale by owner. For example, when a home seller does not have professional representation in selling their home, many mistakes can be made and common expectations can be unmet by the home seller.

When a home is listed for sale with a seller's agent, there is a common ebb and flow of the deal. In most cases the seller's agent and any buyer's agent understand the typical procedures and protocols for conducting a real estate transaction, yet when either of the two sides don't have representation, those same procedures and protocols may not be followed at all. Of course, this just creates a ton of frustration and stress, not only for the home seller but also for the home buyer. My word of advice is not to avoid searching for "Celina homes for sale by owner" but rather to be aware of the potential issues and go into the situation properly prepared both mentally and with real world solutions to the likely problems you will face as a buyer of a FSBO.


When a people decide to list Celina homes for sale by owner, the goal may be to save money, however, usually money is actually lost or net potential left unrealized in such situations. At the same time, listing a home for sale by owner or attempting to buy a home for sale by owner bears a hefty price tag in stress. Keep these things in mind when searching for Celina homes for sale by owner. And, of course, if you want my help or advice before venturing out into the land of for sale by owner land, call or text me.

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